University Policies

University Policies are statements of institutional positions. They both reflect and support the University’s mission and values. While developed primarily to guide institutional decisions or actions, they may also articulate the institution’s compliance with external mandates, encourage efficient use of resources or promote consistency by those acting for the institution.

The MSUM policies are available alphabetically, by category and by search. To submit a new policy or to request an existing policy be reviewed, please contact us.

Category Alias
Academic Credit Hour Policy Academic semester hours, credit hours, hours per credit
Academic Forgiveness Policy Academic new GPA, GPA forgiveness, GPA
Academic Honesty Policy Academic cheating, plagiarize, plagiarism, cheating policy
Academic Honors Policy Academic graduation, honors, graduation honors
Academic Requirements Policy Academic graduation requirements, program requirements, major requirements
Academic Year Policy Academic semester weeks, fall and spring semester weeks, academic year weeks, fall semester length, spring semester length
Alcohol and Other Drug Policy Students
Faculty and Staff
possession, open container, paraphernalia, distribution
Alcohol Special Event Use Policy Administration possession, distribution, paraphernalia
Animals on Campus Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds pets, dogs, service animal
Appeal of Undergraduate Academic Policies Academic withdraw, withdrawal, Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements
Approved Times for Classes Policy Academic
Faculty and Staff
class times, times for classes, course times, times for courses
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes Policy Academic program learning outcomes, general education assessment, co-curricular, curricular
Auditing Courses Policy Academic attend a course, test a course
Breastfeeding Policy Students
Faculty and Staff
breastfeeding, lactation, express milk, milk expression
Bulletin Board, Advertising, Graffiti and Publicity Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds poster, vandalism, postings, flyers, ads, notices, sidewalk art, request to chalk
Capital Asset Policy Administration inventory records, university assets
Charitable Fundraising Policy Administration
Faculty & Staff
donations, private organizations, charity, nonprofit
Classification of Students Policy Academic freshman, sophomore, junior, senior
Committees & Task Forces Policy Administration university committee, working group, student affairs committee, steering committee, programmatic committee, college committee, advisory committee, compliance committee
Continuing/Continuous Registration in a Graduate Program Policy Academic enrollment, academic credit, continue enrollment, continue registration,
Course Grade Appeal Policy Academic academic dishonesty,
Course Level Uniform Numbering Policy Academic lower division courses, upper division courses, graduate courses, multiple numbered courses, course levels
Course Online Presence Policy Academic LMS, learning management system, D2L
Course Placement Policy Academic english requirements, math requirements, accuplacer, ACT, SAT
Course Removal Policy Academic catalog, cancelled course, removing course
Course Syllabus Policy Academic course outline, course requirements, schedule, objectives
Credit for Prior Learning Policy Academic job experience, volunteer experience, learning experiences
Data Access Policy Administration government data, data practices act, government information, public information
Digital and Academic Materials Accessibility Policy Academic ada, section 504, section 508, course materials, class documents, accessibility standards, wcag 2.0 aa, rehabilitation act
Dismissal from a Graduate Program Policy Academic failed graduate program, appeal, academic appeal
Dragon Card Policy Students ID card, msum id card, campus cash, dragon dollars, stolen card, lost card
Driver’s License Verification Policy Safety & Security ID, university business
Dual Graduate Degree Policy Academic dual degree, dual grad degree, dual masters
Employee Parties Policy Faculty & Staff minnesota state system board policy, special expenses, potlucks, holiday parties
Equal Opportunity & Nondiscrimination in Employment & Education Policy Faculty & Staff discrimination, harassment, zero tolerance, student conduct code
Excess Credit Policy Academic 18 credits, max credits, maximum credits, registration credits
Facilities and Space Use Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds lounges, confirmation of space document, election activities
Facility and Furnishings Improvement Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds repair requests, replacement, HEAPR, updates
Faculty Credential Policy Academic
Faculty and Staff
qualifications, faculty, minimum, degree, experience
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy Administration
education records, student directory information, student information, disclosures
Final Exam Policy Academic maximum exams, finals week
Final Form for Graduate Thesis or Project Policy Academic research paper standards, degree completion procedures
Firearms on Campus Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds guns, possession of firearms, firearms, conceal to carry, carry firearms
First Year Live on Campus Policy Students NEF, new entering freshman, freshman living, new student living
First Year Seminar Graduation Requirement Policy Academic new student requirements
Freedom of Speech Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds united states constitution, speech not protected, first amendment, student rights, student speech
Gender Equity in Athletics Policy Students gender equity in sports, title IX, title ix, varsity sports, club sports, intramural sports, athletics
Graduate Academic Warning and Suspension Policy Academic graduate GPA, gpa, graduate suspension, graduate academic warning, graduate hold, graduate gpa requirement
Graduate Appeals Policy Academic graduate appeal, graduate course appeal, graduate appeals, graduate academic appeals, graduate course grade appeal
Graduate Assistant Employment Policy Academic ga, graduate assistant, graduate student employment, assistantship, graduate assistantship, graduate student assistant
Grading Policy Academic letter grade, pass/fail, grade values
Graduate Comprehensive Examination, Oral Defense & Research Policy Academic thesis research, thesis, graduate project
Graduate Course Designations Policy Academic graduate credit, 600 level, 700 level
Graduate Courses Taken by Undergraduate Students Policy Academic graduate courses, undergrad take grad courses
Graduate Credit for Non-Academic Experience Policy Academic graduate courses, graduate credit, graduate credit non-academic
Graduate Faculty Appointment & Review Policy Academic faculty review
Graduate Grades & Grade Points Policy Academic graduate grades, graduate points, grad grades, grad points
Graduate Residence and Transfer of Credit Policy Academic graduate residence, graduate transfer of credit, graduate credits, transfer graduate credits
Graduate Time Limitation on Program Completion Policy Academic graduate extension
Grants & Sponsored Projects Policy Administration grants, academic grants, research grants, sponsorship, sponsored projects, grant projects
Institutional Review Board Policy Academic IRB, irb, research proposal
Internship Policy Academic internship credit, fieldwork
Key & Card Access Policy Administration ID card, keys
Liberal Arts & Sciences Curriculum Policy Academic LASC, lasc policy
Management of Dead Animals, Birds, Fish for Art Purposes Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds taxidermy
Military Training or Service Credit Policy Academic army training, sailor training, marine training, air force training
Military or Emergency Declaration Withdrawal Policy Academic active duty, emergency declaration, crisis
Missing Student Policy Students missing person,
Number of Credits Required for a Graduate Degree Policy Academic graduate credits, number of graduate credits, credits for completion of graduate degree, masters credits, specialist credits,
Multiple Majors & Multiple Degrees Policy Academic double major, triple major,
Outdoor Sound Amplification Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds speakers, sound system
Parking Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds parking permit, traffic
Posthumous Baccalaureate Degree Policy Academic death of a student
Proctoring Examination Policy Academic exam proctor
Protests & Demonstrations Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds student protest, free speech, civil behavior, counter protest
Re-Application to a Graduate Program Policy Academic reapplication to a graduate program, graduate program application, change graduate program
Repeating Courses Policy Academic retake class, retake course, repeat class
Safety & Security Compliance Policy Safety & Security security system
Security Camera Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds video monitoring, surveillance, security system
Senior Citizen Registration Policy Academic senior citizen enrollment
Service Dogs & Emotional Support Animals Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds service animal, support animal, emotional support dog, esa, service dog, animal policy, emotional support animal,
Sexual Violence Policy Students
Faculty & Staff
sexual assault, relationship violence, sexual harassment, dating violence, stalking, title ix
Skateboard, In-line Skate & Bicycle Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds rollerblade policy, hoverboard, hover board, roller blade, longboard policy
Smoking & Tobacco Use-Sale Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds tobacco use, tobacco policy, smoking policy
Student & Employee Travel Lodging Policy Students
Faculty & Staff
hotel policy, student travel hotel
Student Absence Policy Students excused absence, unexcused absence
Student Athlete Conduct Policy Students prospective student athlete, current student athlete, student athlete conduct, athlete expectations for disclosure
Student Bereavement Policy Students student funeral policy, death in the family policy, temporary leave procedure, temporary funeral leave
Student Conduct Policy Students code of conduct, student conduct appeal
Student Email Policy Students university email, dragon mail, dragon email
Timely Warning Policy Safety & Security Clery Act, crime information, safety concern
Transfer of Credit Policy Academic transcript
Travel Study Courses Policy Academic study abroad
Undergraduate Academic Standing Policy Academic cumulative GPA requirements, academic progress, GPA requirements
Undergraduate Graduation Requirements Policy Academic associate degree, baccalaureate degree
Units of Credit Policy Academic semester hour, semester credit
University Fundraising Policy Administration money contributions, donations
University Policy on Policy Development Administration procedures, university mission
University Signage Policy Campus Facilities & Grounds logo, mascot, flyers, posters, banners, temporary sign, posters
Weather & Short-Term Closings Policy Academic
campus closings, university closings, severe weather closings, notice, travel conditions
Writing Intensive Requirements Policy Academic LASC writing, upper level courses, english requirements
Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence Faculty & Staff violence, workplace, weapons