Policies Under Review

The Policy Administrator (ex-Officio, Assistant to the President) coordinates the regular review, revision and elimination of University policies, ensuring that all University policies are reviewed in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders (students, faculty and staff). Read the University Policy Review Procedure.

Annual Policy Review Calendar 2020-2021

Activity Date
University Policy Review September 1
Policy Review Period 1 Begins September 3
Policy Review Period 1 Ends September 26
Meet & Confer Date-Final Drafts Presented October 13
Policy Review Period 2 Begins September 25
Policy Review Period 2 Ends October 22
Meet & Confer Date-Final Drafts Presented November 19
Policy Review Period 3 Begins February 10
Policy Review Period 3 Ends March 19
Meet & Confer Date-Final Drafts Presented April 29

*Along with the fall call for recommendations, policies that warrant review can be submitted throughout the year to either the policy custodian (named on existing policies) or policy administrator. All policies reviewed will follow the format to meet a minimum of 20 instructional days followed by a Meet & Confer meeting, where the final policy draft will be presented. Policies under review will be a regular Meet & Confer agenda item, added to the meeting agenda by University administration.

Track Changes

Any policy being reviewed will be required to use the track changes feature in Microsoft Word. This will aid in the campus community’s ability to see current and proposed language changes to the policy.

The Policy Review Request Form is to be completed for a policy to be considered for review. Submit the policy review request form along with the policy in word document format using the track changes feature in Microsoft Word to indicate proposed policy language changes. Contact Kathleen McNabb for questions or assistance.

These are the policies being reviewed:


Meet & Confer

Policies under review will be a regular Meet & Confer agenda item. Administration will provide a summary of the proposed changes at the first Meet & Confer meeting following the review period start date. After the review period has closed, a final draft of the policy will be presented at a second Meet & Confer meeting.

Following the second Meet & Confer, bargaining unit members can provide additional feedback for up to 10 days. If further consultation on the proposed policy language is needed, the policy will be tabled and reviewed at the next Meet & Confer meeting. If no further consultation is needed after the 10 day period, the policy will be finalized and posted to the policies web site.