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Livingston Lord Library

    • Wednesday’s Book of the Day
      Proslavery : a history of the defense of slavery in America, 1701-1840 by Larry E. Tise Winner of the 1988 Herbert Feis Award from the American Historical Association
    • Monday’s Book of the Day
      The rise and fall of the Choctaw Republic by Angie Debo Winner of the 1935 John H. Dunning Prize for U. S. history
    • Welcome, classes
      A big Livingston Lord Library welcome to classes coming in for instruction this week: J. Anderson’s COMM 100 classes on Tuesday (LI 113) E. Gillett’s EECE 433 class on Tuesday (LI 208) L. Hoppe’s EECE 438 class on Tuesday (LI 209) K. Hinds’s COMM 100 class on Wednesday (LI 113) N. Bezbaruah’s SW 400 class […]
    • RED offers MSUM Histories
      Our story begins in 1888...
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