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Cost & Aid

  • We don’t usually boast, but MSUM is one of the lowest priced residential universities in Minnesota.

    We are committed to delivering an affordable, high-quality education, beginning with banded undergraduate tuition: take up to 19 credits per semester for the price of 12.

  • Get more for your money!

    2015-16 Average Cost Per Credit for Undergraduate Tuition

    Private Colleges
    University of MN
    Private For-Profits
    MSU Moorhead

    2015-16 Average Cost Per Credit for Graduate Tuition

    University of MN
    Private Colleges
    Private For-Profits
    MSU Moorhead



    We know you and your family are concerned about the cost of a college education.

    Rest assured, as a public university, MSU Moorhead strives to provide a college degree that is affordable and accessible for all students. Plus, our money-finding experts will help you navigate through an array of financial aid programs, including scholarships, grants, loans and student employment. We strongly encourage you to explore all available aid options.

    Students Receive Financial Aid
    Average Aid Package
    Average Scholarship
  • Let us walk you through the financial aid process.
If you’d like more information about our programs or MSUM opportunities, chat with an admissions representative.