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  • Extraordinary Service
    MSUM alumni serve where they're called

MSU Moorhead

  • Figuring out your next step in life can be a little overwhelming. 
    Learning and growing and changing can be exciting (and yes, sometimes downright scary!) We’re here to help and support you as you spread your wings and discover all the amazing and wonderful things about YOU.
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    • Student Research: Andrea Hanson
      Mental Health Awareness for College Athletics
    • Student Research: Joshua Noennig
      Males and Undergraduate Education: The Rest of the Story
    • MSUM Advertising Campaign team places third, receives ‘Best Team Chemistry’ award
    • Campus collects 574 pounds of plastic bags
      Exceeds 500 pound recycling competition goal

    MSU Moorhead is a great place to live and learn and work.

    Don’t take our word for it. Check out all of the great facts that make MSUM uniquely positioned to be your college partner.

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