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Welcome to the Dragon Family: Sarah Ring

Meet Sarah Ring. She is MSUM’s newest speech language pathologist clinic supervisor.


To This We’ve Come

To This We’ve Come, an operatic production in three Acts will be performed live Sunday, Jan. 23 at 7:30 p.m. in Gaede Stage at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Alumna Appointed CEO of Alerus Financial

Katie Lorenson, a 2002 graduate, has been named president and CEO of Alerus Financial Corporation, effective Jan. 1, 2022. She has served as the institution’s executive vice president and CFO since 2017.

MSUM Makes it Easier to Qualify for Bigger Automatic Scholarships

Choosing a college is a big decision. Moorhead High School Senior Nathan Helgeson says MSUM had everything he was looking for—affordable and close to home. After being admitted to MSUM, Nathan received the University Scholarship, which totals $10,000 over four years.

Alumnus Named to Forbes Top 250 List

Troy Nelson graduated from MSUM with a degree in finance in 1998. He credits MSUM with giving him resilience and the right tools needed to start his career amidst initial rejection. Nelson was recently named to the Forbes Top 250 list, a ranking of the nation’s top financial advisors – the first person from Edward Jones and the state of North Dakota to make the list.

Helping Kids Feel Like They Belong

Xavier Reed secured a corporate job before he graduated from MSUM. A year later, he quit and pursued his second career and first passion: education.

Hollis Nelson Looks Back

In 1962, while attending a junior college in his hometown of Fergus Falls, Minn., Joseph Kise (of infamous MSUM fame) was a visiting professor in one of Hollis Nelson’s classes. Kise spoke of the opportunities at MSUM, including programs and scholarships, and after some conversation, Hollis decided to transfer to Moorhead.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily Diane Erickson

Meet Diane Erickson, MSUM’s new associate professor in the School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership. She teaches a variety of courses to nursing students.

There’s No ‘Price Tag on Excellence’

Alumni Pete and Tanya Dickinson are strong advocates of the Dragon wrestling program. They have supported the sport through the John Sterner Wrestling Endowment and started their own named wrestling scholarship.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily Caren Blaschke

Meet Caren Blaschke, MSUM’s new admissions representative. She is here to help future Dragons through the admissions process.

Alumna Named Host of The Local Show

Diane Miller graduated from MSUM in 2009 with a degree in music. Since then, she has been immersed in the music industry. Diane is now the host of The Local Show on The Current.

Welcome to the #DragonFamily Brideen Sjulstad

Meet Brideen Sjulstad, MSUM’s new OAS Intermediate for graduate studies.