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Longtime Dragon Reflects on 50 Years of Service

Karla Wenger loves to put on her detective hat and solve problems. For the past 50 years, the administrative assistant in Graduate Studies has put those solution-focused skills to work.

Kids in Grief

Sharon Dardis never imagined all the ways her life would change when she pursued a baccalaureate degree in nursing from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1985.

Art Education Student Finds Unique Way to Share Art with Others During Pandemic

As a part of MSUM’s Art Education program, most students enrolled complete an art therapy field experience course. While it’s just a requirement for some, junior Katie Lou Sandberg decided to go further.

Denouncing Hate and Affirming Our Values

One of a university president’s roles is to publicly articulate and affirm the institution’s values, particularly when they’ve been violated. In recent months, this aspect of my job has taken on increasing importance, especially as it relates to MSUM’s values of equity and inclusion.

MSUM Celebrates Esteemed 100-Year Teaching Legacy

Whenever I walk by the writing on the cornerstone of MacLean Hall, “State Teachers College Founded 1887,” I feel a moment of awe and gratitude for being part of an institution with such a rich history of teacher education, right here, at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Communication students gain hands-on experience in unique Forum partnership

This fall, MSUM communication students have the distinct opportunity to work with Forum Communications through an apprenticeship program, offering the chance to collaborate with Forum staff and their peers.

MSUM business students get creative in content marketing for local businesses

Devon Rheault, Adam Sakry and Cody Pulczinski recognized that social media marketing may be difficult for smaller businesses; even more so in the last year due to difficulties caused by the pandemic. Their project offers a solution.

Foundation Feature: Jan Mahoney

Meet Jan Mahoney, an MSUM Foundation Board member and retired vice president of finance and administration. Jan’s Dragon pride runs deep and she has helped see many projects through at the university.

MSUM film student creates 'Space Chase' web series

Virtual learning is nothing new to kids who have been in school through the pandemic, and new technology in the classroom will stick around long after students fully return. MSUM student Aubrie Vivant knew this when planning her web series, 'Space Chase.'

Distinguished alumnus to share his Dragon pride in SAC keynote address

Alumni often stay connected with their alma mater in one way or another. Tomi Sawyer has not only stayed connected to the university, he has returned to MSUM multiple times. This year he will be a keynote speaker at the 23rd Annual Andrew B. Conteh Student Academic Conference (SAC).

Speech-language pathology student explores how cultural competence influences diagnoses of signed language disorders

An undergraduate degree requirement to study two semesters of a foreign language became the inspiration for Speech-Language Pathology graduate student Kelsey Thorsness’ portfolio project.

Celebrating the First 100 Years

April 13 marks an important milestone at Minnesota State University. It was on that date in 1921 that the Minnesota state legislature designated the former Moorhead Normal School as the Moorhead State Teachers College (MSTC).