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Undergraduate Admissions


    Maybe you’ve known what you’ve wanted to do since fifth grade. Maybe you have no idea at all.
    Either way, we’ll help get you create the next chapter in your journey, whether your path is clear and straightforward or a little random and messy. Our committed and experienced staff will help you figure out the next steps and support you every step of the way.

    Find My Admissions Representative

    Are you ready to begin the conversation? Tell us where you’re from to identify your dedicated representative. You can find out when he will be in your area for a personal visit. Or, connect with her on social media to find out what’s happening on campus.

    Learn More

    October 18-20: Preview Days
    November 15: Transfer Open House
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  • MSU Moorhead is a great place to live and learn.

    Get ready to experience Dragon Pride for our campus and community.

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    What does an MSUM Dragon sound like?
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