Why I Love MSUM

I remember going to class super nervous about how college life would be. Would it be hard? Will I make friends? Would I feel overwhelmed? Those were some of the questions on my mind.

Without knowing what to expect, MSUM faculty and staff members captivated me with their kindness from the moment I stepped on campus. I feel heard and the collaborative environment is phenomenal. People are willing to help and advise you along the college journey, which is hard to find in a school.

What I believe sets MSUM apart is the individualized attention provided by its faculty and staff. From the academic advisors who patiently guide you through course selections to the professors who take the time to understand your goals and aspirations, everyone at MSUM is interested in your success.

I love that MSUM embraces diversity in all its forms. As an international student, I have the chance to engage with diverse cultures while sharing my own expanding my worldwide perspective, impacted by cultural events and club organizations.

With more than 100 clubs on campus and events happening daily, fun and entertainment are guaranteed. From academic pursuits to extracurricular options, there are always new activities to try and people to meet at MSUM.

Beyond that, I love the real-life opportunities in class through research processes, guest speakers, and projects. MSUM offers resources and teaches skills to achieve our goals. My major is Integrated Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Sports Communication. Students interested in advertising and public relations can be part of Flypaper, a student-run marketing agency on campus. Imagine having experience with clients while you are in college; I love it!

MSUM athletics program’s is also inspiring. As a member of the tennis team, it is nice to see the support among all athletic teams and how understanding the professors are about athletic events. Professors understand when I miss classes for games and are available in their office to answer my questions. It is a vivid demonstration of the Dragon community’s care and commitment to each other’s success.

After just one semester, I can say it has been amazing. MSUM has become more than a university to me— it’s a home where I can grow personally and professionally. I am grateful for the opportunities provided to me and am proud to call myself a Dragon.

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