Accelerated Options

MSUM offers academic options that help you get a head start on college while in high school, dual degree programs designed specifically for transfer students, online completer degrees, 4+1 programs to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and a number of pre-professional programs. Take a look at what might fit your needs.

Transfer 2+2 or 3+1 Programs

Transfer degree programs, also known as 2+2 or 3+1 programs, give you the opportunity to streamline your undergraduate degree. You can transfer in with coursework from a community or technical college and be halfway to your bachelor’s degree. Each program has its own admission requirements so visit the program of interest to you.

4+1 Programs (Accelerated Degrees)

Four plus one programs are smart, affordable and convenient, delivering both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in five years. An accelerated 4+1 degree helps you earn more and enjoy wider job opportunities, save money by fast-tracking your graduate degree, and experience a seamless transition from undergrad to graduate student.

How does it work? Complete most of your bachelor’s degree coursework in your first three years. Apply to the 4+1 program during your junior year or early in your senior year. Take up to three graduate courses your senior year. Finish your master’s degree during the fifth year.

18 Online Graduate Program

18 online is a program for teachers to earn the 18 credits needed to become qualified content area concurrent enrollment instructors. The Higher Learning Commission requires that teachers instructing concurrent enrollment (dual credit) courses have a master’s degree in the subject area they are teaching, or have a master’s degree and 18 credits in the subject area they are teaching.

Fast Track Your Transformation

  • Dual Enrollment
    Minnesota’s Post Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) program lets you get a jump-start on earning college credit by taking courses while you’re still in high school. Motivated high school juniors and seniors can take college courses tuition free – saving both time and money.
  • Engineering Dual Degree
    The Engineering dual degree gives you a distinctly competitive advantage by earning 2 degrees in 5 years. It works this way: Take three years of preliminary work toward a degree in mathematics, physics or chemistry at MSUM. Then, transfer to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to finish up 2 years in engineering. You’ll earn 2 degrees—one from MSUM in mathematics, physics or chemistry and an engineering degree in your chosen specialty from the U of M.
  • Online Chemistry Courses
    Five online chemistry courses required for most pre-health professional programs offered entirely online. You can finish all five online chemistry classes in just four semesters.
  • Pre-Professional Health Programs
    If you’re interested in pursuing professional study for healthcare, you should choose a major based on your personal interests and strengths. We provide focused advising and informational support to help you be successful in your application for post-graduate studies in these disciplines. Admission to graduate or professional school in health-related field is typically focused on specific undergraduate requirements and other admission criteria determined by each program.
  • Summer Online Courses
    Get one step closer to graduation by taking MSUM’s affordable summer courses. Courses are offered in flexible three-, four-, five-, six- and eight-week sessions with courses being offered online to accommodate your schedule.