BS in Health Services Administration & Masters in Healthcare Administration Accelerated Program

New Accelerated Program for Health Services Administration Students

The bachelor of science in health services administration and masters in healthcare administration accelerated program allows undergraduate students to combine courses and complete an undergraduate and graduate degree in a shorter time frame.

Your First Graduate Course Could Be Free!

Scholarship funds may cover the cost of your first graduate-level class! Complete the Single Scholarship Application and indicate that you plan to enroll in an accelerated master’s program at MSUM. This funding is available for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 courses only. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come basis, so complete your scholarship application by the priority deadline of Dec. 15 and talk to your advisor about pursuing the accelerated graduate program. Full details of the Accelerated Graduate Program scholarship funds.

If you are interested in the Accelerated Health Services Administration program complete the online form.

Students must apply and be accepted into the MHA program. Acceptance to the MHA program requires completion of a separate application. Students should work with their academic advisors and program coordinators for HSAD and MHA programs if you think this program is the right fit for you.

Benefits of MSUM’s BS and MHA Accelerated program:

  • Completion in shorter time frame - 5 years (Transfer students will be able to complete the program in 3 years depending on the number of credits transferring to MSUM.)
  • Completely online
  • Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) Accredited MHA program- gold standard for healthcare leadership; important for your future leadership career
  • Expert Faculty
  • Student-Centered – we work with you to develop your progression through the program
  • Community partnerships
  • Career options- healthcare industry has diverse options for jobs post-graduation
  • Affordable- comparative to other healthcare leadership programs

HSAD & MHA Accelerated Program Example of Course Sequencing

The 5-Year Plan is a model for completing the HSAD and MHA accelerated program. The plan below is one of several possible ways for you to complete the program. Your individualized plan may look different if you have already fulfilled some requirements. If you are a transfer student and have the majority of your LASC requirements completed with will take about 3 years to complete the program. Check your Financial Aid as it may require additional term credits for full-time funding. You must complete all university and program requirements successfully to complete this degree.

  • Program: Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration and Masters of Healthcare Administration
  • Total Credits: 153 (110 undergraduate credits and 43 graduate credits)
  • Catalog: 2023-2024

First Year

Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (1st Fall)
LASC Goal 1A COMM 100 Speech Communication 3
LASC Goal 4 MATH 127/ MATH 105/ MATH 110 College Algebra/ Introduction to Mathematics/ Contemporary Mathematics 3
Core Requirement: LASC Goal 8 HSAD 218 Introduction to Healthcare & Global Health 3
LASC Goal 2 ANTH 100 Debating Human Kind 3
Related Requirement ACCT 230 Accounting I 3
Total Credits: 15
Spring (1st Spring)
LASC Goal 1B ENGL 101 English Composition 3
Core Requirement HSAD 414 Strategic Planning & Marketing in Healthcare 3
LASC Goal 3 BCBT 100 The Science of Cooking 3
LASC Goal 3 BIOL 111 Cell Biology 3
LASC Goal 10 LASC 10 LASC 10 3
Total Credits: 15
Summer (1st Summer)
Core Requirement HSAD 400 Aging in United States: Introduction to Gerontology and Senior Support Care 3
Core Requirement HSAD 419 Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement Methods 3
Total Credits: 6


Second Year

Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (2nd Fall)
Core Requirement HSAD 416 Healthcare Leadership and Management 4
Core Requirement HSAD 417 Quality Management in Healthcare 3
Core Requirement: WI for major HSAD 420 Health Policy and Economics 3
LASC Goal 5 LASC 5 Preferably online or hybrid 3
Related Requirement MKTG 270 Principles of Marketing 3
Total Credits: 16
Spring (2nd Spring)
Core Requirement: WI HSAD 418 Healthcare Law and Ethics 3
Core Requirement HSAD 350 Evidence-based Program Planning and Research Methods 3
Related Requirement PMGT 300 Project Management & Scheduling 3
Core Requirement OM 380 Methods Improvement 3
Related Requirement: LASC Goal 6 and 9 WI PHIL 318 Professional Ethics 3
Total Credits: 15
Summer (2nd Summer)
Core Requirement HSAD 403 Health Informatics 3
Core Requirement HSAD 326 Epidemiology & Introductory Biostatistics 3
Total Credits: 6


Third Year

Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (3rd Fall)
LASC Goal 5 and 10 WI HIST 374 Plague & Society 3
Related Requirement HSAD 422 Regulatory Methods in Health Care 3
Related Requirement MGMT 451/ PMGT 385 Organizational Behavior/ Process Leadership 3
Core Requirement HSAD 468 Internship Seminar 1
LASC Goal 9 LASC 9 LASC 9 3
Total Credits: 13
Spring (3rd Spring)
LASC Goal 6 LASC 6 Online or hybrid 3
LASC Goal 6 LASC 6 Online or hybrid 3
Related Requirement HSAD 440 Talent Management in Healthcare 3
Core Requirement HSAD 469 Internship 6
LASC Goal 7 LASC 7 Online or hybrid 3
Apply to MHA program
Total Credits: 18
Summer (3rd Summer)
Emphasis Requirement: HSAD 421 Long-Term Care Administration 3
Emphasis Requirement: HSAD 401 Health Aspects of Aging 3
Core Requirement: MHA 650 Organizational Strategy & Systems Leadership 3
Summer Start - Confer Undergraduate
Total Credits: 9



Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (4th Fall)
Core Requirement MHA 628 Healthcare Delivery Systems, Policy & Reimbursement 3
Core Requirement MHA 605 Healthcare Quality, Safety & Regulatory Management 3
Total Credits: 6
Spring (4th Spring)
Core Requirement: MHA 615 Healthcare Research & Evidence Based Practice 3
Core Requirement: MHA 638 Health Information Systems 3
Core Requirement: ECON 610 Healthcare Economics 3
Total Credits: 9
Summer (4th Summer)
Core Requirement: MHA 625 Health Program Planning & Evaluation 3
Core Requirement: MHA 651 Healthcare Operations Management 3
Total Credits: 6



Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Fall (5th Fall)
Core Requirement: MHA 618 Healthcare Law & Ethical Decision Making 3
Core Requirement: MBA 641 Human Resource Management 3
Core Requirement: MBA 611 Marketing Management 3
Core Requirement: MHA 692A Capstone I 1
Total Credits: 10
Spring (5th Spring)
MBA or MHA Elective MBA/ MHA   3
Core Requirement: MHA 619 Applied Healthcare Financial Management 3
Core Requirement: MHA 692B Capstone II 3
Total Credits: 9

Questions? Contact Us

If you want more information or have questions please contact one of the program coordinators below.

Brandi Sillerud, DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-BC (She/Her/Hers)
Program Coordinator | Professor
School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership
Send Email | Phone: 218.332.0241218.332.0241
HA 213M
Program Coordinator, Master of Healthcare Administration | Professor | DNP, MSN, RN, NEA-B...

Jitendra Singh, DHSC, MHA, BDS, Lean certified, Online Teaching certified, Bioinformatics certified
Co-Chair | Program Coordinator | Professor
School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership
Send Email | Phone: 218.477.2693218.477.2693
HA 213E
Co-Chair, School of Nursing & Healthcare Leadership | Program Coordinator, Health Services...

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