MHA Courses & Curriculum

MSU Moorhead's MHA curriculum includes a combination of MHA, MBA and economic graduate courses that will build upon your existing leadership skills, management style and current understanding of healthcare policy. The degree culminates with a two-part capstone experience designed to provide practical and professional training based on recently acquired knowledge of leadership and administrative theory. It includes working with a community health leader, implementation of a major project jointly determined for that organization, and a written and oral presentation on the project to peers and faculty.

Graduate Degree Options

Check out the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) program progression and course sequencing.

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Bachelor & Graduate Degree in 5 Years Options

Dual Enrollment in MS Nursing with Nursing Emphasis

If you’re a nursing professional, you can enjoy many benefits by dual enrolling in both the Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) and the MS in Nursing with Nursing major.

Both degrees incorporate robust graduate courses that are shared between the two programs to develop you as an organizational leader within any healthcare environment. Dual degrees give you the added credentials to 1) increase your knowledge, 2) expand your marketability and 3) grow your professional network. Talk to your advisor to see how many additional credits you might need to complete a second master’s degree.