Tuition & Fee Rates

All tuition is subject to change by the Minnesota State System Board of Trustees. The following tuition rates are approved for Minnesota State University Moorhead for Spring 2021.

Course Delivery Method & Associated Fees

Each course is charged either "Student Fees" or "Online Differential Tuition" not both. Delivery method of a course is listed on the course schedule.

  • Student Fees are associated with the following course delivery methods:
    • Face-to-Face: in person on campus (no delivery method listed on course in eServices)
    • Blended/Hybrid: combination of face-to-face and online instruction
    • Remote Teaching No In Person: meets virtually (check course message to see if asynchronous or synchronous)
    • Hyflex: student has choice between online or face-to-face instruction 
  • Online Differential Tuition is associated with the following course delivery methods:
    • Asynchronous Online: does not meet at a specific time and there is no live component
    • Synchronous Online: meets virtually at a scheduled time with a live instructor and classmate interaction