In-State Tuition for All Frequently Asked Questions

Starting in Fall 2023, Minnesota State University Moorhead has transitioned to an “In-State Tuition for All” model. Under this new system, all degree-seeking undergraduate students, regardless of their state of residence, pay the same standard tuition rate as Minnesota residents.

Below are some commonly asked questions about the tuition model and its impact on students. For more detailed information about the In-State Tuition for All model and its implications, feel free to explore our website’s tuition and fees section or reach out to the Admissions Office. We are here to help and provide you with all the information you need for a smooth transition to MSUM.

How does the In-State Tuition for All model work?

The In-State Tuition for All model ensures that undergraduate students are charged the same standard tuition rate. This means that there is no longer a distinction between in-state and out-of-state tuition fees for degree-seeking students.

What does it mean to be a degree-seeking student?

Degree-seeking students have applied to the university with the intention of earning a degree. Non-degree seeking students complete a different application and often take only a few courses to complete a certificate or to transfer back to their current institution.

What if I am not a degree-seeking student? What tuition rate will I pay?

If you are an undergraduate, non-degree seeking student, your tuition rate will be based on your residency. Minnesota residents pay the in-state tuition rate. MSUM offers reciprocity for undergraduate, non-resident, non-degree seeking students who are from North Dakota, Wisconsin and Manitoba. (You may need to complete paperwork to receive reciprocity.) Non-degree seeking students who reside elsewhere pay an out-of-state rate.

What tuition rate do I pay if I am a graduate student?

You can view graduate tuition rates online.

What was the previous tuition model, and why was it changed?

Previously, MSUM operated under a reciprocity model, which allowed students from certain neighboring states to pay tuition rates lower than non-resident rates through special agreements. However, the university has decided to simplify the cost of college and provide equal opportunities to undergraduate students, regardless of their state or country of residence, by adopting the new In-State Tuition for All model.

Will I be eligible for the in-state tuition rate, even if I am not from Minnesota?

Yes! Starting from Fall 2023, degree-seeking students, regardless of their state of residence, will be eligible for the in-state tuition rate. This applies to both new and continuing undergraduates.

Does MSUM participate in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP)?

Minnesota State University Moorhead previously participated in MSEP. However, our new In-State Tuition for All model provides students from those Midwest states with a lower tuition rate than they would receive through MSEP.

How will this change affect my tuition costs?

With the new In-State Tuition for All model, most undergraduate students will pay the same tuition rate as paid by Minnesota residents. This will likely result in cost savings for most non-residents.

Are there any additional requirements to qualify for in-state tuition?

No, there are no additional requirements to qualify for in-state tuition. The tuition rate is now standard for all degree-seeking undergraduates, regardless of their state of residence.

I am currently a non-resident student at MSUM. How will this change impact me?

As a current non-resident undergraduate at MSUM, you will experience a significant benefit from the new tuition model. Starting from Fall 2023, you will be charged the same tuition rate as Minnesota residents, which could lead to cost savings on your college education.

How will the new tuition model affect scholarships or financial aid?

To help offset the higher tuition costs for out-of-state students, MSUM previously awarded non-resident, non-reciprocity scholarships. These scholarships are no longer necessary, due to the lower, in-state rate these students will pay.

The new In-State Tuition for All model should not affect your eligibility for financial aid from the federal government. We recommend contacting the Financial Aid office to ensure that you have up-to-date information regarding your specific financial situation.

Will undergraduate tuition increase this year?

No. Funding from the state legislature allowed Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to freeze undergraduate tuition rates for 2023-24 and 2024-25 academic years at the 2022-23 academic year rates.

How can I apply for admission to MSUM?

To apply for admission, please visit and follow the application process.

The transition to the In-State Tuition for All model makes it more accessible for students from all states and countries to join our university community. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our Admissions office for personalized assistance. We look forward to welcoming you to MSUM!