Social Work & Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies Double Major

Blend your passion with the purpose of serving older adults by pairing a Social Work major with Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies (LIAS) program. The double major provides a rigorous curriculum focused on exploring the aging process of individuals and societies and encompasses the study of physical, mental, and social changes; the investigation of societal changes resulting from an aging population; and the application of this knowledge to policy and program development.

There is an increased need for highly qualified professionals who hold expertise in the needs of the elderly population. By 2030, all baby boomers will be older than age 65. One out of every five residents will be approaching retirement age. Social workers with expertise in aging will be needed to navigate unique legislation, policies and social programs that may have an impact on lives of elderly population. Equipped with deep knowledge base and skills related to social welfare, human behavior and social work research, these professionals will be well informed about the aging process and issues faced by elderly and caregivers.

This interdisciplinary program prepares you for careers in healthcare, human services, senior support services and elder care facilities, business, industry, research, and government organizations. Furthermore, students will learn to advance as communicators, innovative problem solvers, culturally sensitive and responsive leaders as they prepare to work in senior support services.

Social Work & Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies Double Major Benefits

  • Earn a double major in the same amount of time it takes you to earn one degree! You can use LIAS courses as electives while completing the Social Work program requirements.
  • Enjoy flexible learning formats, including Social Work classes offered online and face-to-face on the Moorhead campus and LIAS classes offered entirely online. Both programs also offer summer courses to accelerate graduation.
  • Develop foundational skills and knowledge to provide services in senior support services and beyond.
  • Increase awareness of the intergenerational impacts of public policies by critically analyzing the programs, policies and societal arrangements that affect aging and retirement.

The information below is a model for completing a Bachelor of Social Work degree with a double major in Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies. Your individualized plan may look different if you have already fulfilled some requirements. Check your Financial Aid as it may require additional term credits for full-time funding. You must complete all university and program requirements successfully to complete this degree (GPA, 120 credits, LASC, WI, residency).

  • Program: Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) & Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies
  • Total Credits: 120 (including LASC courses)
  • Catalog: 2023-2024
Curriculum Course Course Title Credits
Common Course Requirements for BOTH Majors
LIAS Elective
SW Related Requirement
PSY 202 Developmental Psychology 3
LIAS Elective
SW Related Requirement
SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3
LIAS Elective
SW Related Requirement
SOC 350 Methods and Statistics for Social Research 3
LIAS Elective
SW Restricted Elective
SW 411** Chemical Dependency** 3
LIAS Elective
SW Core Requirement
SW 415 Research Methods in Social Work 3
LIAS Elective
SW Related Requirement
SW 460 Social Policy and Policy Practice 3
Total Common Course Credits: 18
Leadership & Innovation in Aging Studies Courses (LIAS)
Core Requirement: HSAD 400 Aging in the US: Intro to Gerontology & Senior Support Care 3
Core Requirement: HSAD 401 Health Aspects of Aging 3
Core Requirement: HSAD 416 Healthcare Leadership and Management 4
Core Requirement: LASC Goal 6 & 9 HSAD 418 or
PHIL 311

Morals and Medicine
Core Requirement: HSAD 420 Health Policy and Economics 3
Core Requirement: HSAD 422 Regulatory Management in Healthcare 3
Core Requirement:* HSAD 468* Internship Seminar* 1
Core Requirement:* HSAD 469* Internship* 3
Elective: HSAD 417 Quality Management in Healthcare 3
Total LIAS Credits: 26
Social Work (SW)
Core Requirement: SW 250 Introduction to Social Welfare and Social Work 3
Core Requirement: SW 405 Huma Behavior and the Social Environment 3
Core Requirement: SW 420 Generalist Practice: Individuals 3
Core Requirement: SW 432 Generalist Practice with Families 3
Core Requirement: SW 442 Generalist Practice with Groups 3
Core Requirement: SW 450 Generalist Practice: Communities and Organizations 3
Core Requirement:* SW 468* Integrative Orientation to Internship 1
Core Requirement:* SW 469* Internship 1-12
Core Requirement: SW 492 Field Supervision & Integrative Seminar 3
Related Requirement: BIOL 104 Human Biology 3
Related Requirement: ECON 100 The American Economy 3
Related Requirement: PARA 470 Government Benefits 3
Related Requirement: POL 120 American National Government and Politics 3
Related Requirement: PSY 113 General Psychology 3
Total Social Work Credits: 38-49
Liberal Arts & Sciences Curriculum Courses
LASC Goal 1A/B     6
LASC Goal 2     3
LASC Goal 3     3
LASC Goal 3     3
LASC Goal 4     3
LASC Goal 5 SOC 110   3
LASC Goal 5     3
LASC Goal 6 PHIL 311 Morals and Medicine 3
LASC Goal 6     3
LASC Goal 7     3
LASC Goal 8 HSAD 218 Introduction to Healthcare and Global Health 3
LASC Goal 9 PHIL 311 Morals and Medicine 3
LASC Goal 10 PSY 324 Environmental Psychology 3
Total LASC Credits: 40


  • **SW 411 or an approved course elective.
  • *SW 468 & SW 469 Internship can be substituted for HSAD 468 & 469. In other words, students will choose SW internship option instead of HSAD 468 & HSAD 469.