Repeating Courses Policy

Custodian of Policy: Registrar

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy:

Effective Date: Fall 2017

Last Review: Fall 2022

Next Review: Fall 2029


Students who wish to take advantage of the repeated course opportunity to improve a grade may register for a tri-college course under current tri-college policies. Tri-college courses are considered resident credit and the credits and grade will replace the MSUM attempt. Students may also take an equivalent course at another college or university. These attempts will be considered transfer credit and the MSUM credit and grade will be removed. The transfer grade will not be included in GPA and the most recent attempt, whether at MSUM or another institution, will be counted.

When a course is repeated at MSUM, all attempts remain on the academic record but only the credits, grades, and related honor points for the most recent attempt will be used in calculating the cumulative grade-point average and credits for graduation. Students forfeit the previous grade no matter what grade is earned when the course is repeated.

Courses taken for regular A-F grades may not be repeated for pass-fail grades.

All course attempts will remain on the permanent academic record. All repeated courses are noted on the transcript to indicate the course was repeated in a following term and excluded from cumulative totals. A student cannot receive financial aid for more than one repetition of a previously passed course.