Course Removal Policy

Custodian of Policy: Registrar

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy:

Effective Date: May 3, 2005

Last Review: 2022

Next Review: 2029


Courses that have not been taught during a five (5)-year span will be automatically removed from curriculum by the Registrar.

Should a course not be taught in a three (3)-year period, the responsible department and dean will receive a notice from the Registrar the course will be removed if it is not taught over the following two (2) – year period.

Departments have two (2) calendar years to reinstate a course removed due to five (5)-year inactivity. During this time, the department may request the course be added back into circulation by contacting the registrar’s office. The course may not be changed in any way. The registrar’s office will inform faculty senate the course is again active. The course must be offered within the next calendar year or it will be removed from curriculum.

Certain types of courses are not subject to this policy ie. Topics, Internship/Practicums, Independent and Individual Study, courses open to enrollment by one or more students for a mentored or guided learning experience.