Continuing/Continuous Registration in a Graduate Program Policy

Custodian of Policy: Graduate Council

Effective Date: April 2018

Last Review: Spring 2023

Next Review: April 2030


In all circumstances, students must be enrolled for at least one graduate credit during the semester or summer session they wish to earn a graduate degree. In addition, some graduate programs have a continuous enrollment policy (Counseling, Doctorate in Educational Leadership, School Psychology, and Speech-Language Pathology). Students should view the program description pages in the bulletin for specific program requirements.

Students may fulfill this requirement in one of four ways:

  1. Concurrent enrollment in course work.
  2. Enrollment for Thesis (699) or Dissertation (799).
  3. Enrollment for Project/Action Research/Portfolio (692, 695, 696, 795 or 796).
  4. Enrollment for one credit in Continuing Registration (698 or 798).