Continuing/Continuous Registration in a Graduate Program Policy

Custodian of Policy: Graduate Council

Effective Date: April 2018

Last Review: April 2018

Next Review: April 2023


Candidates for graduate degrees must be enrolled for graduate academic credit at the time they sit for the final oral defense (including Summer Session). In addition, some graduate programs have a continuous enrollment policy (Counseling, Doctorate in Educational Leadership, Nursing, School Psychology, and Speech-Language Pathology). Students should view the program description pages in the bulletin for specific program requirements.

Unless dictated differently by a program, students may fulfill this requirement in one of four ways:

  1. Concurrent enrollment in course work.
  2. Enrollment for Thesis (699) or Dissertation (799).
  3. Enrollment for Project/Action Research/Portfolio (692, 695, 696, 795 or 796).
  4. Enrollment for one credit in Continuing Registration (698 or 798).