Driver's License Verification Policy

Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy: 5.19 Travel Management

Relevant Procedures: Minnesota State System 5.19.3;; Mn Statute 16B.55 Subdivision 6 State of Minnesota Risk Management Division procedures Underwriting; Auto Overview.

Effective Date: May 1, 2016

Last Review: Fall 2023

Next Review: Fall 2030


This policy authorizes driving record reviews of employees and students who need to drive a motor vehicle on official university business whether the vehicle is state-owned, leased, rented or personal.

Supervisors and/or the responsible University faculty/staff members are responsible for authorizing all official university business travel and the University shall maintain systems adequate for them to verify individuals are acceptable drivers for all business travel that involves the operation of a motor vehicle including, but not limited to, running errands.

The individual vehicle driver is responsible for complying with Minnesota, Minnesota State system and University travel policies and procedures.

Employees and students who do not need to drive a vehicle on official university business and vehicle occupants who will not be operating the vehicle are not subject to review.


University business: activities where an individual is participating on behalf of or representing the University in some official capacity.


It is important for the public to have confidence in individuals authorized to drive vehicles on official university business.

The Minnesota Department of Risk Management and the Minnesota State system provide standard guidelines and procedures to conduct a driving record review in order to properly identify acceptable drivers for all authorized official university business travel that involves the operation of a motor vehicle.