Transfer of Credit Policy

Custodian of Policy: Registrar

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy: 3.21

Effective Date: Fall 2016

Last Review: Fall 2015

Next Review: Fall 2022


All credit evaluation will be based upon official transcripts received from the original credit issuing institution. Transfer courses will not be calculated in the MSUM cumulative GPA. Transfer courses will be included in LASC, major, and minor GPA requirements.


Transfer credit from institutions accredited by regional associations (North Central, Middle States, etc) will be accepted by MSUM subject to limitations. Transfer credit from nationally accredited schools on the CHEA/US DOE list will be reviewed for transfer credit acceptance on a case-by-case basis.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum/General Education

Transfer students will receive evaluations indicating the extent and distribution of credits which are accepted by MSUM toward LASC and degree requirements. LASC requirements will be considered complete for transfer students who complete the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), the North Dakota General Education Requirements Transfer Agreement (GERTA), an Associate of Arts (AA) degree, or an equivalent (must meet credit and goal standards) Associate of Science (AS) degree. Courses will be evaluated to meet LASC goal requirements based on the sending institutions general education components or the equivalency assigned when transferred to MSUM in accordance with Minnesota State system transfer policy. If general education requirements are not completed before transfer, transfer students must complete 40 credits in LASC courses and meet all goal areas. Transfer students must also meet MSUM’s writing intensive requirements.

Transfer credits may not be applied to meet an area requirement (LASC, major, or minor) unless they also meet the corresponding GPA requirement for the academic area.

Repeated Coursework in Transfer

Courses will not be accepted in transfer to replace any grades or credits earned at MSUM. If a course is completed at MSUM and an attempt is made to repeat the course elsewhere, the credit is considered duplication and is not eligible for transfer. Students who wish to take advantage of the repeated course opportunity to improve a grade must repeat the course at MSUM, with one exception only. MSUM students may register for a tri-college course to repeat a course previously taken at MSUM under current tri-college policies. When a course presented in transfer is repeated at MSUM, the transferred course is considered duplication and removed from GPA and credit totals. The transferred course will be forfeited regardless of the grade earned when the course is repeated at MSUM.

Lower and Upper Division

Courses designated at the 100-200 level at the sending institution may not be used to meet the 40 credits of upper division courses required for graduation even if they are deemed equivalent to a 300-400 level course at MSUM.

Other Types of Credit

Courses transferred to MSUM which are evaluated as developmental in nature will not be granted college level transfer credit, even if the sending institution has awarded credit. However, these courses may be used to satisfy pre-requisite requirements.

MSUM will accept for transfer, as lower-division electives, a maximum of 16 semester credits of vocational or technical courses offered by technical colleges. Specific requirements in a student’s major or minor field of study may be waived upon evaluation of vocational or technical courses judged by MSUM faculty to be comparable or equivalent to courses offered by MSUM. Any credit granted upon review will be in addition to the total of 16 credits of lower division electives.

Credit is NOT awarded for departmental examinations or waivers of credit except as required by the Minnesota State system.