Multiple Majors and Multiple Degrees

Custodian of Policy: Registrar

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy: 3.36

Relevant Procedures:

Effective Date: Current

Last Review: Fall 2023

Next Review: Fall 2030


Students completing two or more majors with different degree designations will be awarded the more appropriate degree, except that the B.S. degree shall be given if one major is in a field of professional teaching.

Students who seek more than one baccalaureate degree (different designation, i.e. B.A. and B.S.) will be required to complete at least 30 credits beyond the minimum of 120 or 128 credits applied to the first degree.

Students who hold a previous baccalaureate degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead or from another institution whose degree is recognized by MSUM may earn an additional bachelor’s degree (degree name must be different than the initial degree, i.e. B.A. and B.S.) by:

  • Completing at least 30 resident credits at MSUM;
  • Meeting all MSUM course requirements for the degree program, including at least six credits from the MSUM department awarding the degree and including an approved major and teacher education requirements for any teaching major; and
  • Maintaining at least a “C” average in all studies at MSUM.

Students with a previous Minnesota State University Moorhead degree may add another major or minor by completing any additional requirements as certified to the Registrar by the department offering the major or minor and by the education department in the case of any teaching major.

Students completing two majors must meet departmental requirement for each major.