Breastfeeding Policy

Custodian of Policy: CHRO and Chief Diversity Officer

Effective Date: Spring 2019

Last Review: Spring 2019

Next Review: Spring 2026


A Place to Express Milk

MSUM supports an individual’s right to breastfeed on campus. A private room (not a toilet stall or restroom) shall be available for members of the campus community to breastfeed or express milk. The room will be private and sanitary, located near a sink with running water for washing hands and rinsing out breast pump parts, and have an electric outlet.

If employees prefer, they may breastfeed or express milk in their own private office, or in other on comfortable locations agreed upon in consultation with the employee’s supervisor. Expressed milk can be stored in shared office refrigerators or in designated refrigerators provided in lactation rooms.

Milk Expression Breaks

Breastfeeding employees are allowed to breastfeed or express milk during work hours using their normal breaks and meal times. For time that may be needed beyond the usual break times, employees may make up the time as negotiated with their supervisors or use personal leave.

Breastfeeding students may breastfeed or express milk between classes. Students with challenging schedules are encouraged to discuss options with their professors if the time needed to breastfeed or express milk will impact their schedule.


Minnesota State University Moorhead believes in the benefits of and choices individuals make to breastfeed their babies and/or to express milk.