Management of Dead Animals, Birds, Fish, for Art Purposes Policy

Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration

Effective Date: Current

Last Review: Unknown

Next Review: TBD


Any student, staff, or faculty wanting to bring an animal/birds/fish on MSUM property for artistic purposes must first obtain written permission from their department chairperson.


The requesting person must have an established timeline Oow long it will be used) and a valid reason for use.

The use of dead animals/birds/ fish in art projects is rare. However, if improperly handled could be considered a potential health hazard. Therefore it's recommended the Department of Environmental Health and Safety be contacted (477-2998) to discuss proper handling and disposal procedures to each specific case. Consideration and discussion will take place regarding:

  • Prolonging the decomposition process
  • Handling of un-preserved bones
  • Restricted areas for storage and/or work
  • Project labeling
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Disposal techniques

Under no circumstances will any dead animal/bird/fish be displayed on the MSUM campus unless properly preserved. Proper preservation consists of taxidermy, formaldehyde solutions, etc.