Charitable Fundraising Policy

Custodian of Policy: VP Finance & Administration

Relevant Policy: Minnesota Statutes 43A.38, subd. 4;
Minnesota Statutes 136F.01 Subd. 5.;
MN Management & Budget (MMB) Human Resources/Labor Relations Policy #1393;
System Procedure 5.22.1, Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources

Effective Date: November 2016

Last Review: Fall 2023

Next Review: Fall 2030


Minnesota State University Moorhead directly follows Minnesota Statutes 43A.38, subd. 4 found here:

Employees may not use state time or resources to solicit or collect donations on behalf of private organizations, including nonprofit charities, regardless of the merits of such campaigns. State time and resources are permitted to be used for the fundraising efforts of the university and its related foundation.

Private fundraising organizations are not permitted to distribute literature to employees at their work stations, nor may state employees distribute such literature on behalf of such organizations absent special authorization such as the statewide annual combined charities campaign.

Student organizations may not use student activity fees, which are state funds, to make donations to private nonprofits or to facilitate charitable fundraising, such as to purchase goods to be re-sold with the profits to be donated, no matter how worthy the cause. Student organizations could, however, collect and use contributions from its members or others for charitable purposes as appropriate for its stated organization mission.


Student activity fees support the following student activities as defined by law to mean lectures, concerts and other functions contributing to the mental, moral, and cultural development of the student body and community in which they live, athletic activities, including intercollegiate contests, forensics, dramatics and such other activities of any nature as in the opinion of the board [of trustees] contribute to the educational, cultural, or physical well-being of the student body.