Graduate Appeals Policy

Custodian of Policy: Graduate Council

Relevant Minnesota State system Policy:

Effective Date: Spring 2019

Last Review: Spring 2019

Next Review: Spring 2026


All graduate students who wish to submit an appeal need to complete the Graduate Academic Appeals form. Course grade appeals must be submitted within six (6) weeks of the close of the semester in which the student received the grade. Appeals for retroactive withdrawals must be submitted within five years. All other appeals must be submitted within a year of the situation that generates the appeal. Detailed procedures for filing appeals may be obtained from the Office of Graduate and Extended Learning or online. The graduate student is responsible for following the designated procedures.

A graduate student may file a Graduate Academic Appeal for the following situations: retroactive withdrawal from courses, late course add/drop, admission decisions, termination, degree requirements, course substitutions, course waivers.


Existing policy in Graduate Bulletin.