Dismissal from a Graduate Program

Custodian of Policy: Graduate Council

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy:

Effective Date: April 2018

Last Review: April 2018

Next Review: April 2023


Graduate programs may initiate proceedings for the dismissal of a student from a program for one or more of the following reasons: GPA below 3.0, failure to meet the goals of a remediation plan, inadequate technical skills, lack of interpersonal skills required for the profession, and failure to pass comprehensive exams or oral defense. Students may also be dismissed for unethical or non-professional conduct, including plagiarism and forgery.

Upon recommendation of the graduate program a document detailing specific problem areas, attempts at remediation, and a notice of dismissal from the program will be submitted to the student, Dean of Graduate and Extended Learning, and the college dean.

A student may appeal any of the decisions if the outcome(s) affect the student's academic or financial aid status. Graduate students follow procedures for Graduate Academic Appeal.