University Policy on Policy Development

Custodian of Policy: President

Relevant Minnesota State System Policy: Board Policy 1A.1

Effective Date: May 2016

Last Review: Spring 2022

Next Review: Spring 2029


Minnesota State University Moorhead establishes, revises and terminates university policies within a clearly defined process which includes the following components:

  • Broad campus participation in policy development and review
  • Consultation with bargaining units, administrative units and Student Senate
  • Standard formatting for university policies
  • Provision of an expedited review process to ensure compliance with Minnesota State system policy, to ensure adherence to state and federal law or to revise language to address current practice
  • Approval and signature of the President on each policy

University Policies are statements of institutional positions. They both reflect and support the University’s mission and values. While developed primarily to guide institutional decisions or actions, they may also articulate the institution’s compliance with external mandates, encourage efficient use of resources or promote consistency by those acting for the institution.


See the University Procedures section of the policies website for a description of the policy review process.