University Signage Policy

Custodian of Policy: VP for Finance & Administration

Effective Date: Fall 2014

Last Review: Spring 2022

Next Review: Spring 2029


The name "Minnesota State University Moorhead," the initials "MSUM," the university logo, and the athletic mascot are registered service marks. Usage of these service marks is protected by state law. They cannot be used for profit without the permission of the university.

The policy on University Signage applies to all university offices, auxiliaries, affiliates and related organizations and supersedes all preceding university policies pertaining to signs, posters and banners.


Sign or Signage means any identification, description, illustration or device which is visible from any public place or is exposed to the public, and which directs attention to a product, message, service, place, person, entity, institution, event, business use, or cause.

Temporary signs or signage means any banners, flyers, posters or information that has a limited duration or is produced on material that is disposable.

Permanent signs or signage means any structure carrying lettering or a design that is intended to last a longtime.

University Signage Policy

Except as otherwise provided in this policy, Minnesota State University Moorhead prohibits any person to erect, attach, alter, locate, or relocate any signage, as defined above, within the confines of university property, or to utilize wordage, symbols or other visual devices on signage erected or located off campus, the purpose of which is to associate or advertise an event, activity or business with the university, without first obtaining authorization from the university.

It is prohibited to display signage, whether located on- or off-campus, exhibiting MSUM symbols or branding that do not adhere to the MSUM Visual Identity and Graphic Standards. All permanent signage for internal public walkways and external locations must comply with university policies concerning MSUM branding and university guidelines concerning construction and installation.

Except for temporary signs affixed to classrooms to notify students of cancelled classed, affixing permanent or temporary signage in restrooms, to doors, windows, trees, poles, benches, bike racks, garbage receptacles, and other such structures is prohibited. Doors, windows and bulletin boards of/adjacent to faculty offices are exempt from this policy.

Except for events sanctioned by the university to provide information and/or way finding, affixing permanent or temporary signage on any roads or walkways on university property is prohibited.

Except for Dragon Athletics sponsorships, temporary or permanent signs or signage shall not advertise profit-making goods or services or pertain to commercial solicitation or sales by an external vendor.

University signage guidelines provide standards and minimum requirements for use in evaluating and regulating signage constructed, installed, and displayed on university property.