Artistic Personality Exploration

Creators are often innovative, imaginative, unconventional, idealistic and nonconforming. You might like artistic expression through art, music, photography, writing or dance. You may enjoy decorating a room, building furniture, or creating crafts. You like to take small ideas and make them bigger and better than ever.

Common Characteristics of an Artistic Personality

  • You prefer free, unstructured time spent on creative interests.
  • You may exhibit a bit of an edge, being fiercely independent, adverse to rules or a little impulsive.
  • You value beauty and aesthetic qualities in all forms because you’re expressive, original and intuitive.
  • You may be sensitive and emotional, preferring small, intimate groups over large groups.
  • You’re not afraid to take risks or try something new.

Below are some career clusters where Artistic personalities thrive.

  • Arts
  • Communications
  • Education and Training
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Marketing, Sales and Service

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Below are majors and emphases, minors or certificates related to the Artistic career cluster. Explore those that interest you to learn about the benefits of that major, careers and outcomes, and learning opportunities. This list is not all-inclusive; there may be majors that pique your interest that aren’t necessarily in the Artistic cluster. We encourage you to explore all of MSUM’s majors, emphases and options.

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