Communication Studies Courses & Curriculum

The Communication Studies represents a unique major with its roots in Aristotle's examination of the art of logic, argument, and persuasion. Over time, the communication discipline has evolved to examine human interaction and behavior using social scientific approaches to understand the world. As a result, Communication Studies also aims to bridge the gap between the study of psychology (i.e., the mind) and sociology (i.e., the context, the situation) by seeking to better understand human communication through social scientific practices. Today, researchers might take any number of approaches to examining human communication including a focus on message production, message processing, and message effects in a variety of contexts including interpersonal, group, intercultural, family, health, and social influence to name just a few. Communication is at the core of one's work, community, and personal relationships. We cultivate young professionals for successful careers in a variety of industries including: education, health care, technology, business, non-profits, helping professions, sales, and media organizations.

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