Studio Art Courses & Curriculum

The Bachelor of Fine Art degree is designed to prepare students for a career in Studio Art or Design. The BFA provides focused in-depth training in a chosen studio emphasis.

Ceramics: Learn a wide range of technical skills within the area of studio ceramics. You’ll develop sound craftsmanship as a means to expression along with learning the technology of ceramic materials and firing processes.

Drawing & Illustration: Develop a personal approach using a variety of drawing materials and concepts. Drawing is emphasized as an end in itself, beyond the more traditional idea that drawing is mainly a preparatory process for the development of visual ideas for other media. You will develop specific skills in traditional and digital illustration, and have the opportunity to apply these skills in sequential, book and scientific illustration.

Painting: After acquiring a thorough foundation in materials and techniques, you’ll be encouraged to develop personal approaches to form and content, style and expression. Individual and group critiques, as well as slide lectures and demonstrations, guide this process.

Sculpture: You’ll be exposed to a broad range of materials, processes, techniques and concepts as they pertain to both traditional and nontraditional approaches to making sculpture., including wood fabrication, cold and hot steel fabrication, casting and methods such as bronze casting and mould making. The sculpture program addresses a range of topics including the figure/body, space, site and environment.

Degree Options