Conventional Personality Exploration

Organizers are often accurate, methodical, practical, meticulous and dutiful. You may be the go-to for creating budgets and spreadsheets for your club or organization. You may like to build models or construct buildings. You like to see the progression of a project from start to finish, and are the one to make sure it gets done.

Common Characteristics of a Conventional Personality

  • You prefer well-ordered, predictable environments over chaos and uncertainty.
  • Friends might say you are calm, conscientious and efficient.
  • You don’t necessarily strive for power or leadership.
  • You are a dependable team player who excels at systematic activities and well-defined tasks.
  • You always get things done.

Below are some career clusters where Conventional personalities thrive.

  • Architecture and Construction
  • Business, Management and Administration
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

No matter what your major is at MSUM, you will succeed here and beyond! Within one year of graduation (Class of 2019-2020):

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Below are majors and emphases, minors or certificates related to the Conventional career cluster. Explore those that interest you to learn about the benefits of that major, careers and outcomes, and learning opportunities. This list is not all-inclusive; there may be majors that pique your interest that aren’t necessarily in the Conventional cluster. We encourage you to explore all of MSUM’s majors, emphases and options.

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