Counting the ways to love MSUM

Sometimes when you need to make an important decision you need to check the cold, hard facts and figures. Fortunately, we keep a good record of the important things.

128 majors, emphases and options

At MSUM we promise all students the opportunity to develop passions that will help them shape the world and transform lives. We accomplish this by providing a wide catalog of degree options including unique programs like Sustainability and our PMI accredited Project Management degree.

89% of graduating Dragons are currently employed in their field

You chose a major or course of study because it represents a change you want to make in the world. After leaving MSUM, Dragons find employment across the country and the globe that uses their education and realizes the investment they made in themselves.

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100+ student organizations

And that number is always growing. Fifteen of these organizations are centered on diversity and social justice causes and initiatives. Academic success is more than a test score or GPA. At MSUM we are enthusiastic about igniting passion for everything that drives you.

25 students per class

When you think of a college course, do you picture a packed lecture hall with row upon row of students, individuals lost in a sea of faces? Not at MSUM. Professors here value their ability to connect with students through small class sizes and hands-on education.

6+ ways to visit campus

We know scheduling campus visits requires a good deal of coordination, so we have options! Here are just a few favorites:

Choose what works best for you and come ready to learn about why today is a good day to be a Dragon!

Growth is the reward of courage

You'll discover the courage to ask tough questions - and to answer them at MSUM.

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