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There are a lot of decisions that weigh into a teacher making a lane change and gaining a master's degree. From personal to financial obstacles, there are setbacks universities are helping to overcome.

MSUM is tackling these setbacks through 18 Online. By partnering with Lakes Country and Northwest Service Cooperatives, eligible Minnesota high school teachers can receive free tuition and fees for 18 Online courses through MSUM. This affordable option will continue through Spring 2024.

18 Online is a graduate initiative that provides high school teachers with the 18 credits needed to teach concurrent enrollment. Many of these credits can also be applied toward MSUM’s graduate programs, such as the Master of Science in curriculum and instruction and the Master of Business Administration.

Jessalyn Canavan is a high school art teacher currently working towards her Master of Science in curriculum and instruction. The experience she gained from the 18 Online courses helped her achieve more, not only in the classroom, but in her own practice.

When taking the 18 Online courses, Jessalyn was able to tailor them to her specific interests. She explored different structured courses like studio art, public art and art education.

“I loved that I could take actual art classes with 18 Online,” she says. “It gave me confidence in my teaching as well as my own practice.”

Jessalyn also valued the instructors who helped her in her practice. Dr. Michael Coquyt, curriculum and instruction program coordinator, and Dr. Bradley Bachmeier, a professor in MSUM’s School of Art, were key pieces to making her experience worthwhile.

“A lot of Dr. Bachmeier's classes were multifaceted and focused on the art you can bring to your community,” she says. “His classes helped me approach working with my students as well as being my own artist.”

Jessalyn Canavan Pottery

Through her 18 Online experiences, Jessalyn got more out of her classes because she was able to focus on how the lessons can apply to her art class structure.

Along with her regular classes offered, Jessalyn teaches the college courses AP Drawing, AP 2D Design, and AP 3D Design in her high school in Willmar, Minn.

While her master’s work isn’t art focused, she is able to make the structure her own and mold the lessons into her everyday life.

“It was enriching and fulfilling to have those discussions and get excellent feedback,” she says. “I can turn and apply those lessons into my content area.”

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