• New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation

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  • New Student Orientation

    All newly admitted freshman and transfer students planning to attend courses on campus at MSUM will need to attend New Student Orientation (NSO). If you need to register for NSO, please follow the steps below. After registering, please check out the options on the left hand navigation bar of this page for more detailed information regarding New Student Orientation.

    1. Review the New Student Orientation (NSO) dates below to choose the applicable option that works best for you.
      Fall 2016 Admits
      • April 15 and June 1, 2016
        • Transfer NSO
      • June 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, and 10, 2016
        • Freshman NSO
      • Individual NSO
        • Please utilize this option only if distance or scheduling conflicts prevent you from attending NSO on campus.
        • On the Events Calendar, Individual NSO can be found on August 22, 2016. This date is not actual on campus event. The August 22 date is only a place holder for Individual NSO.
        • As a new incoming student, your registration window does not open until after April 11, 2016. Therefore, although you may register for Individual NSO before April 11, you will not be contacted via your personal email by a member of our advising faculty or staff to discuss course selection and registration until after April 11, 2016.
    2. Follow the tutorial below to help you register for the date of your choosing.

  • [ printable pdf ]

    1. If you have already created an account, log in to the Self Service Center using your username and password.
    2. Log In to the Self Service Center

      If you haven’t created your account yet, you can do so to the right of where you log in to the Self Service Center.

      Create an Account in the Self Service Center

    3. Click Events at the top of the page.
    4. Events option at the top of the page in the Self Service Center

    5. The page you will be brought to is the Events Calendar. Go to the New Student Orientation date you are able to attend and click on it.
    6. Find Event in the events calendar in the Self Service Center

      Note: You will not be able to register for the event if you don't allow pop-ups on this site.

    7. The Events Details window will appear on your screen. Read through the information to make sure this is the correct event you want to attend and click Register at the bottom.
    8. Register on the Event Details window in the Self Service Center

    9. The next page will display all of your student information. If any corrections need to be made, you click the Corrections tab at the top of the page.
    10. Student Information in the Self Service Center

    11. Only complete the information on the Corrections page if your contact information on the previous tab is incorrect.
    12. Complete the corrections page only if you need to update your contact informatoin in the Self Service Center

    13. On the New Student Orientation page, using the dropdown menu, indicate how many guests will be attending the event with you.
    14. Register How many Guests will be attending Orientation with you in the Self Service Center

    15. Under New Student Orientation Information, indicate the major you are interested in and type in any NSO Special Requests you may have.
    16. Major Interest and any special request in the Self Service Center

    17. When you have all of your information added, click Submit at the bottom of the page.
    18. Submit your registration in the Self Service Center