Room Selection

Students who have completed their housing application by June 15, will be eligible to take part in room selection. During this process, students will be able to pick the space in which they want to live in the fall, selecting from available spaces for which they are eligible. If you are part of a Roommate Group, make sure to finalize/verify it by June 15 to lock it in.

  1. Complete your housing application by signing the contract terms and paying the $50 prepayment.
  2. Search for a roommate (optional) and "verify" your roommate group by June 15.
  3. Check your email June 26 for instructions on how to select your room and for your time slot.
  4. After July, when your time slot opens, log back in to your Housing application and choose your room.

When Can I Pick My Room?

  • Room Selection July 6 - July 30.
  • Your time slot is determined by the date your housing application was completed (including signature and prepayment).
  • During Room Selection, rooms are selected on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Beginning June 26, students with complete housing reservations will receive an email that contains their Room Selection time slot. Do not panic if you have not received your time slot email by June 26 as emails will continue to go out through the next several days.
  • Students who have joined a Learning Community will not receive a time slot, as your rooms are being assigned June 18th (this assures you get on the correct floor for your Learning Community).
  • Students with the early time slots will begin selecting their rooms on July 6 and this will continue into July until all time slots have been opened. It is to your advantage to select your room when your time slot first opens up, for the best availability.
  • Time slots do not close until July 30, so if you are not available to select your room when your time slot opens, you can select your room when it is convenient for your schedule.

June 15 Priority Deadline

  • While we don't have a housing deadline, we strongly encourage students to submit their application, prepayment, and signed Housing Contract by June 15.
  • Students with incomplete reservations (missing prepayment, unsigned Housing Contract) or students who apply after June 15 will select their room at a later time.
  • You may change anything on your housing application up until June 15 (room type preferences, roommate groups, etc.); changes to your application do not affect your time slot as it is based on the date you completed your housing application.
  • After June 15, we cannot guarantee roommate pairing.

Finalize your Roommate Group

If you are part of a Roommate Group, make sure to finalize/verify it by June 15 to lock it in. The group leader is in charge of finalizing the roommate group. To do this,

  1. The group leader logs in to their housing application using their StarID and password.
  2. In their application, scroll to the right and select the heading ROOMMATE GROUPS.
  3. Near the bottom of the page it will show if you are a member of a roommate group. Click the button below that says FINALIZE to finalize the group.

How to Select a Room

  1. To select your room, log back in to your housing application and scroll to the right to click on the heading ROOM SELECTION when your time slot opens. On this screen you will see a list of room types that are available.
  2. In your application, scroll to the right and select the heading ROOM SELECTION.
  3. Filter available room by the room type and/or building you hope to live in.
  4. Once you find your room, SELECT the room and ADD TO CART. Click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  5. The next step is to assign beds:
    • If you are not part of a roommate group, simply select one of the available spaced in the room and click ASSIGN BEDS a the bottom of the screen.
    • If you are in a roommate group, you will see all the beds listed in the drop-down menu. You will assign a bed for you and your roommate.
    • Note: whichever roommate member has the earliest complete date will assign both beds for the roommate group; you do not have to be the group leader.
  6. Once you have finalized selections for beds, you will see a confirmation page. Review the information and who is assigned to your room with you. Once you are satisfied and the selections are correct, click SAVE & CONTINUE.
  7. The last page you will see if the THANK YOU screen which confirms your booking.

Students Who Don't Select a Room
If a student does not select a room by August 1, we will assign the student to an available space that meets their age, gender, and smoking preferences.