Housing Summer Storage

Are you moving back on campus and into the same room next year? Keep your stuff in your room. This is a great option for students to retain their space and not worry about packing their belongings, moving furniture and figuring out where to store possessions for the summer.

This option is only available to students returning to the same room in the Fall and all occupants of the room/apartment must agree and sign up for this option.

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Housing Summer Storage Terms & Conditions

  • Available to any Resident returning for fall semester.
    • Students returning to their same room store their items in their same room.
    • Students moving to a new room in the fall will move their items to Ballard Hall for summer storage.
  • All occupants of Same Room/Apartment must agree and sign up (or resident storing will have to buy out the storage agreement).
  • I understand:
    • I will be charged the following:
      • Double as a Single Room - $120/summer term
      • Double Occupied Room - $120/summer term (residents will indicate how charges should be split among roommates)
      • Apartment - $200/summer term per apartment (residents will indicate how charges should be split among roommates)
      • Charges will be applied to your eServices account June 1.
    • I understand my "same" room will not receive deep cleaning over summer break.
    • I understand I will turn in my room key and my card access will be inactive May 10 – August 15.
    • I understand I can come back to retrieve items from my room up to 3 times during the summer. Appointments may be scheduled by emailing housing@mnstate.edu at least 24 hours in advance (business days).
    • At the end of spring semester, I will agree to write "SUMMER STORAGE" on my Express Check Out envelope, seal my key(s) in the envelope, and drop off at my hall desk or desk outgoing mail slot.
      • No fish, plants or non-perishable items can be left in my room.
      • All fixtures must be unplugged.
      • Fridges can be left, but they must be unplugged, emptied, cleaned and propped open.
      • Room must be left in clean condition.
    • I understand Maintenance may have to enter my room during the summer to perform mechanical annual maintenance.
    • I understand that I am locked into my fall contract