MSUM Alumni Operate Successful Moving Business

Midwest Moving Company was started four years ago by three former MSUM Dragons.

Matthew Dorso, the founder and chief executive officer of the company, got into the moving business as a summer job while in college. From there he was inspired to open his own moving company.

Getting the company started took a lot of effort. Matthew continued to work at another job while building the business. He took all the money he earned from tips at his other job and put it toward advertising for his moving company.

The company grew so quickly that he was constantly paying his co-workers to cover his shifts while he worked on moving projects. By the end of summer 2018 Midwest Moving Company had multiple trucks out at the same time and Matthew quit his other job to focus on his growing customer base.

Dylan Connell and Cody Anderson who are good friends of Matthew’s helped him out with moves from time to time. They both saw potential in the business and wanted to get in on it as partial owners.

“We would help Matthew out on the weekend and between classes, so that’s what got us interested,” says Dylan. “We realized if we took this seriously, we could make an actual job out of it.”

Dylan recently received his MBA from MSUM with an emphasis in Healthcare Management and is the chief financial officer. He is in charge of all of the company’s finances and he does sales as well. Cody, who studied psychology at MSUM, is the chief operating officer. He oversees day-to-day operations.

Both Dylan and Cody were on the wrestling team at MSUM. Because of that Midwest Moving Company chose to make a generous gift of $1,000 to wrestling scholarships on the first MSUM Giving Day in May 2019.

What makes Midwest Moving Company stand out from its competitors is its desire to create connections with its customers.

“We love providing a very personable experience to all of our customers,” says Dylan. “It seems like a lot of large moving companies are unable to do that, so that is how we differentiate ourselves.”

They opened their first physical shop in West Fargo in April 2020.

Midwest Moving Company now consists of four branches located in Greely, Colo., Charlotte N.C., Rochester, Minn., and West Fargo, N.D.

Matthew, who currently oversees the branch in Charlotte, talks about how he chose the name Midwest Moving Company in anticipation of growing it into a chain with branches located throughout the Midwest. Now that it has reached the East Coast that means the company has exceeded his original expectations.

All three owners agree that the goal is to continue to expand the company and open more branches.

“We knew we wanted to make it big, and we achieved that by waking up every morning and getting to work,” says Cody.

Midwest Moving Company has over 100 employees, many of whom are Dragon alumni.

Owning a business requires great ambition and time but it pays off. All of the owners enjoy the flexibility of being their own boss and seeing visible success through growth.

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