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MSUM Professor’s Powwow Participation Comes Full-Circle

During the 32nd Woodland and High Plains Powwow at MSUM in April – faculty member Caitlin Johnson, Ph.D., plans to jingle dress dance for the first time in 15 years.

MSUM continues legacy of serving high-need schools

MSUM is proud to be in partnership with Project Infuse. The program's mission is to provide equitable and culturally informed mental health services within high-need pre-K-12 schools through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Doing Better, Together

President Anne reflects on the power of collaborative governmental work within the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Big Experience Under the Big Sky

Under the Big Sky was the first immersive, on-site festival to result from the partnership between MSUM's EIT program and event production company, Show Imaging. 

Art-A-Fair sparks flame for art education career

Elysa Christensen’s interest in MSUM was first sparked when she participated in the university’s annual Art-A-Fair. As a college senior, she now helps high school students find that passion.

MSUM: A home for Environmental Stewards

Physical Plant Intern, Gabriella Ruiz, has been a crucial component in launching the TREX Plastic Bag Challenge across campus.

Community art project brings student’s vision to life

MSUM’s School of Art teamed up with the School of Media Arts and Design (SoMAD) and created a billboard for Churches United that spread the word about the organization’s mission.

The Dragon Pantry is open to students in need

Starting college can be an enormous financial burden for many students. While they are getting an education they value, making ends meet can be a struggle, especially for those living independently for the first time. MSUM is assisting students with this burden by establishing the Dragon Pantry.

Thank you Moorhead

President Anne reflects on past projects within the community and expresses her heartfelt gratitude for the city of Moorhead. 

"Yes" to a New Moorhead Library and Community Center

On November 8, City of Moorhead voters will consider a ballot initiative to build a new Moorhead community center and regional library, funded by a 0.5% local option sales tax. As a 12-year Moorhead resident and proud president of Minnesota State University Moorhead, President Anne Blackhurst strongly endorses this initiative.

Creating community with a good fit in finance

When Kevin Hanson walked into Gate City Bank one morning in 1983, he didn’t know if they were hiring. He had graduated with a bachelor’s in finance from MSUM two days prior and opened a phone book just hours before to look for job openings. 

Serving those who have served our country

MSUM has recently been awarded a Federal grant that will allow us to take our commitment to veterans to the next level.