Doing business in Germany

Deutschland erkunden, or exploring Germany, is how a group of Minnesota State University Moorhead students spent two-weeks of their ​class time in May 2023​.

Norah Simondet, Kolsen Papon, and Anna Egeland were three of 21 students in MSUM’s Doing Business in Germany course. During their time in Germany, the students ​visited historic and cultural sites. They also ​learned about how German businesses function and ​differ not​ only ​from those in the United States​, but ​also ​other countries.​ Main stops included Berlin, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Augsburg, and Munich. The students were also treated to surprise visits to Strasbourg (France) and Salzburg (Austria), allowing them to experience neighboring cultures and their history.​

Doing Business in Europe is a two-week program ​designed for travel to ​a selected country. Course professor Ralf Me​hnert​-Meland is native to Germany and professor Adam Goyt, chaperone, speaks German, providing students with a unique immersed experience. ​Their background added a “behind the scenes” aspect that provides travelers with a more personal view of Germany, its people and culture.​

Study Business Abroad In Germany

“Exploring Germany on our own was just as fun as with our group,” says Anna, “It was really fascinating because Germans have a different outlook on their work.” ​​

The majority of students who sign up for a Doing Business trip have never traveled outside of the U.S.A. This two-week excursion guided by experienced professors is an ideal introduction to traveling abroad. It can pave a path to other study abroad experiences and personal travel. The blended time of personal and group exploration allows students to participate in scheduled and self-guided activities.

Although this course is ​restricted​ to sophomore, junior, and senior standing students, it is not just for business majors. Finance, accounting, and marketing students have taken this opportunity, ​incorporating​ visits to ​cultural and historic sites, businesses, and ​government buildings for a broader observation. ​The diversity of the traveling groups itself immerses the students in an environment that may be novel to them.​

“This experience opened my eyes to different perspectives,” says Kolsen, “We tend to only have one mindset and viewing how businesses operate in another country is completely different.”

MSUM offers a multitude of study abroad programs, ranging across the world and implemented as group or individual journeys.​ In 2025, MSUM is planning similar “Doing Business In” study abroad experiences in Germany, Japan. and South Korea.​ The study abroad staff help each student explore and plan for finances, housing, and a timeline.

Doing Business In Europe

Since visiting Germany​ last year​, Nora is going again ​this​ May and has been inspired to pursue a minor in German. Kolsen and Anna both share that it is a temporary expense for a lifelong experience.

“Don’t overthink it,” Nora advises. “Think about everything that can go right and say yes.”

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