Minnesota & North Dakota Tuition Education Benefits

There are several education benefits and financial incentives available through the state of Minnesota or North Dakota. Opportunities include college benefits, tuition assistance, scholarships, financial bonuses, and a variety of other programs.

Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs Scholarships

North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs Scholarships

State Tuition Assistance

  • Minnesota Tuition Assistance

  • North Dakota Tuition Assistance
    • North Dakota National Guard members are now eligible to use State Tuition Assistance at Minnesota Colleges and Universities.
      1. You must apply every semester.
        • Applications must be received no later than 7 business day prior to start of class.
        • Contact the State Tuition Manager if you are submitting a late application.
      2. If you are an Army National Guard Soldiers must use FTA FIRST in order to be approved for STA. Attach FTA Form, DA Form 7792 in supporting document block on page 3 as verification of requesting FTA. Even if you have exhausted that benefit for the FY.
      3. Upon submission of the application, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that your application has been submitted. Your application is not automatically approved. If you are flagged for any reason, you will be denied both FTA and STA. If you do not see your school, in the comments section put the School name, when the semester starts, and that it is out of state.
      4. To apply go to Education Services North Dakota National Guard

Minnesota Tuition Reimbursement

By Minnesota Statute, regardless of the school you are attending, the Minnesota State Tuition Reimbursement (STR) will pay for 100 percent of your tuition (not including student fees) up to the undergraduate rate at the University of Minnesota with a maximum yearly benefit of $17,000 per fiscal year (1 July – 30 June), or $36,000 per fiscal year for graduate level programs. You are eligible for 144 semester or 208 quarter credits.

This benefit may be used in conjunction with other educational benefits. STR is also available to members of the Minnesota Army National Guard and Minnesota Air National Guard. Visit Minnesota STR for eligibility and application information.

To receive STR you must fill out the State Direct Deposit Form and W9 Form.

To initiate the process, connect with the Service Member’s Unit.

If you have additional questions you may contact the Minnesota National Guard Education Office.

MN National Guard STR MyMilitaryEducation.org

Thank Minnesota Troops

The Minnesota Military Appreciation Fund (MMAF) is a fund established by private residents of Minnesota to thank Minnesota service members for their service. The MMAF will provide $250-500 to all Minnesota military personnel who have served in a combat zone since Sept. 11, 2001. They will increase the amount of the award to Purple Heart recipients and to the families of those killed in action.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Minnesota taxpaying residents on active military duty
  • Minnesota taxpaying residents assigned to Reserve or Guard units located outside of Minnesota
  • Non-Minnesota taxpayers assigned to a Minnesota Reserve or Guard unit member of one of the above mentioned groups who served after Sept. 11, 2001 and was honorably discharged.

Apply for MMAF Grant

MDVA - Survivor Education Grant

The Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs (MDVA) Surviving Spouse/Dependent Education Benefit program is available to surviving spouses and dependents of deceased Veterans who died while on active duty or as a result of a service-connected condition. The benefit includes an annual $750 stipend from Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs per state fiscal year and free tuition until a bachelor's degree (or equivalent degree) has been obtained.

  • The surviving spouse/dependent must enroll in Minnesota "institutions of university grade" (Minnesota State system AND the University of Minnesota).
  • This benefit is state funded and can only be used by Minnesota residents who meet certain eligibility criteria.

For more information and how to apply visit the MDVA-Survivor benefit page.