Veteran & Military Resources

Your range of experience gained from service to our country adds to the community’s understanding of the world and our place in it. You may face significant transitions. You will be provided the tools to facilitate your move from a tight-knit community of the armed forces to a strong, social support system at MSUM.

Veteran Resource Center

The Veterans Resource Center is a dedicated space for student Veterans and Service Members to study, relax or socialize. We are committed to serving the needs of our military Veterans and Service Members, ensuring that you have all the support and resources necessary to thrive in your academic pursuits. The Veterans Resource Center provides military students with secure and convenient access to various resources and systems, government websites, and military databases.

Academic Success Center

Our Academic Success Center is your one-stop resource for academic excellence. They offer tutoring, advisor resources, and support to help you thrive in your studies, ensuring your success and retention throughout your academic journey. Minnesota State University Moorhead recognizes that balancing college life with work, family, and the transition to civilian life can be demanding. We are here to support you with these valuable resources.

Accessibility Resources

The office for Accessibility Resources offers tailored support to help you thrive academically and make the most of your university experience. Students who experience challenges and adjustments to academic learning are encouraged to make an appointment and explore what is means to develop an equal access plan.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center provides personalized guidance, resources, and opportunities to help students explore and achieve their professional goals. Students looking to discover career options or discuss how to decide on a career pathway can receive 1:1 support from our Career Development Center.

Counseling Services

Minnesota State University Moorhead prioritizes mental health and emotional well-being for all students. Our Counseling Services offers a safe and confidential space where you can seek support, guidance, and coping strategies for a wide range of personal and academic challenges.

MSUM Care Team

There are many reasons why faculty, staff or students might refer a student to the CARE Team. Some of the reasons (but not all of them) include: suicide ideation, depression, substance abuse, disruptive behavior in class, making violent statements, feeling threatened by a student, and concerns for a student's welfare.

Transition Services

Transitioning as veterans and military to university life can go best with military-informed support. Our transition services on and off campus are built help you combine the best of your service with your future. Come talk to our transition counselors on and off campus to learn to connect with other students.

Community Resources

The Dean of Students Office coordinates several student resources for basic needs to assist students facing financial or food insecurity. If you are in need, please check out the Student Resources for Basic Needs webpage.