Workers' Compensation

Minnesota State University Moorhead is committed to keeping our campus, students, and employees safe and healthy. For work-related injuries or illnesses that require immediate medical attention, please call 911. If emergency medical attention is needed, an ambulance may be called. Having a coworker or supervisor transport you to receive medical attention is not allowed under the MN workers compensation insurance policy. A family member/friend would be able to transport you to a medical facility.

All State employees and student employees are required to follow the steps below. Non-employees, such as vendors or students, should follow the procedures outlined for Tort Claims & Incident Reports.

After receiving emergency medical treatment (if needed), please follow the steps below for all work-related injuries or illnesses if you are an employee or student employee:

  1. To report a work related injury/illness call Public Safety at 218-477-2449. Public Safety will be dispatched to your location to assess your injury/illness, determine any immediate medical needs, and gather information regarding the incident. . If you are unable to call Public Safety to report the injury/illness, your supervisor should call Public Safety to report the incident.

  2. Notify your supervisor of the injury/illness as soon as possible and complete the required forms below.


3. Within 24 hours of the incident send all completed employee and supervisor forms to the Office of Human Resources at or Owens Hall 214, 1104 7th Ave S, Moorhead, MN 56563.

A claim is considered “active” if you seek professional medical attention for your work-related injury or illness.

After submitting all required employee and supervisor forms to HR, a member of the HR team will reach out to you to provide more information about managing your workers' compensation claim. You will also be assigned a Worker’s Compensation Claims Specialist with the State of MN who can answer any questions about the status of your claim, request appropriate medical documentation from your providers, issue payments if the claim is approved, etc.

Medical Care for Non-emergency injuries or illnesses
For all non-emergency injuries, please call the CorVel 24/7 Work Injury Nurse Line at 1-844-235-2055 prior to seeking medical treatment. You will be connected with a nurse who will provide triage services and do an assessment with the you to determine the appropriate level of care:

  • Provide self-serve first aid advice, which would be followed up with a call to the employee the next day for follow up
  • Refer directly to medical care from a local provider; or
  • Refer to Telehealth for an online face to face visit with a medical provider (the Telehealth services can only be accessed through a referral from the CorVel 24/7 Work Injury Nurse Line)

For assistance with finding an in-network medical provider for worker’s compensation use the CorVel Provider Lookup. If you seek professional medical care for a work-related injury or illness, please notify HR at: as soon as possible. This includes all medical care that is directly related to your injury or illness, even if time has passed since the initial incident.

If an employee receives treatment and has any type of work restrictions, they will need to provide a completed Report of Workability from their medical provider to the Office of Human Resources prior to returning to work.

Additional Workers Compensation Resources