Workers' Compensation

All work related injuries must be reported to the employee's supervisor or by contacting Human Resources within 24 hours of the date/time of the injury, at which time the supervisor, along with the injured employee, will need to complete the First Report of Injury - Injury, Illness, Incident Data Form (IDF). If the injury is life threatening or fatal, Human Resources must be notified immediately.

24/7 Work Injury Nurse Line @ 1.844.235.2055 and Telehealth

The 24/7 Work Injury Nurse Line should be called prior to seeking medical treatment for the injury, for all non-emergent injuries. The employee will be connect with a nurse who will provide triage services and do an assessment with the employee to determine the appropriate level of care:

  • Provide first aid self-aid advice, which would be followed with a call to the employee the next day for follow up
  • Refer directly for medical care to a local provider; or
  • Refer to Telehealth for an online face to face visit with a medical provider (the Telehealth services can only accessed through the referral of the 24/7 Work Injury Nurse Line)

Workers' Compensation Procedures

Employee Forms

Supervisor Form

CorVel Corporation is our workers compensation managed care plan. For 24-hour nurse line service, medical emergencies or if urgent care need is needed you may call 1.866.399.8541 or 612.436.2542.

Employee guide to Minnesota's workers' compensation system