Tort Claims & Incident Reports

Tort Claims are filed by non-employees (students, guests, vendors, etc.) who are injured or have their property damaged while on the University's premises. This is a reminder that all accidents, personal injuries and property damage that happen on university property must be reported.

It is the responsibility of any state employee who witnesses such an incident to act in the following manner:

  1. Report the incident immediately to the Public Safety and Environmental Health & Safety.
  2. Acquire the name(s) and telephone number(s) of victims and witnesses, if possible.
  3. Complete an Incident Report as soon as possible. Any information pertaining to the incident should accompany the report when it is sent to Environmental Health & Safety. This might include notes about the weather, lighting conditions, physical conditions of the site, or even a map, picture or drawing identifying exactly where the incident occurred.
  4. The Department of Administration/Risk Management, after reviewing the claim and all facts relating to the alleged incident, will determine if there is any negligence and/or liability. If the individual requests payment for medical bills or damages, advise the individual to report their claims to their own insurance and that they may file a claim against the University/State by contacting the MSUM Safety Administrator, Environmental Health & Safety.

PLEASE NOTE: An employee shall not aid or assist any claimant in prosecuting any claim against the University/State. Claimants should determine and initiate their claims against the University/State without the aid of any State employee, relying upon their own knowledge and records for the propriety and substance thereof. However, employees contacted by claimants or potential claimants may furnish to such person information as to his rights to make a claim against the University/State and the procedures and forms for presenting such a claim. Such information shall include, but not be limited to, the contact information for the Safety Administrator, Thomas French, Environmental Health & Safety. No other information should be provided.

These procedures apply to all incidents or accidents involving personal injury, death or damage to private property which could result in a claim against the State.

For further information or assistance, please contact Environmental Health and Safety.