Study Abroad Faculty Led Courses

When you’re not able to fit an entire semester or summer away into your curriculum, taking part in a short-term faculty-led course will give you a taste of another country and a rich academic experience.

These courses vary in length (usually 10 days to four weeks) and travel over winter or spring break or during the summer, and are part of an MSUM class.

All Study Abroad programs and Faculty Led courses for Spring Semester 2022 will be cancelled due to the high level travel advisories and continued ban on international travel for students.

We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates when the timeline for loosening the restrictions is clear, when COVID transmission rates have dropped significantly, and when vaccination rates have increased globally. We will continue to plan for summer 2022 trips, while monitoring cancellation and refund deadlines.

Registration is for the next academic year courses are held during fall semester of the current academic year. Contact the faculty leader for application details. Courses can fill quickly, so check in soon! You can use your financial aid to help with the cost.