Student Testimonials

Students throughout MSUM's Study Abroad 30+ year history sing the praises of the program, and encourage other students to partake. Experience study abroad through their eyes as they discuss their adventures of studying abroad.

    • “Eurospring was a wonderful learning experience that gave me a different outlook on the world and life itself. Go on Eurospring! It is a life-changing experience that you will not regret!”
    • “Do it. You'll love it. It will change your life. Fantastic. Made me want to live as a more global citizen.”
    • “Eurospring was an amazing way to hands-on experience the world and expand my horizons. No other MSUM study abroad program can provide you with such a diverse experience!”
    • “Absolutely mind opening and necessary complement to any education.”
    • “Eurospring was an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity that planted in me an eagerness to learn, read, explore, and most of all travel.”
Megan Boe
  • “The program was a life changing experience for me, and a dream come true. I have done so many things that I have always dreamed of doing. Please do it. It will change your life in so many incredible ways.”
  • “Eurospring was the best kind of exhausting- the kind of exhausting that comes from thinking and experiencing all sorts of new information all the time. It was eight weeks of learning by doing. Don't hesitate! If not now, when?”
  • “The best decision I have made in college thus far. You learn so much about different cultures but also yourself. The best of Europe rolled into eight weeks! This program is delightful!”
  • “The best experience of my life thus far. Challenging, eye-opening, tough, and absolutely amazing.”
  • “Life-altering. It will open your eyes, make you think. Best of all, it will wipe away the fear of the unknown world and mold you into an explorer, a world traveler.”
  • “A life changing experience. I regret nothing about it at all. I have never been so poor but I've never felt so rich. This program is and has been absolutely phenomenal. I feel so luck to have been given the opportunity to be a part of it. My life is changed forever from this experience in the most positive way possible.”
  • “An amazing experience (especially if you just can't commit to a full semester studying abroad). It teaches you self-confidence when trying new things but also humbles you when you realize there is more to life than your usual surroundings and routine.”
  • “Go for it and do it. You can't put a price on such a life changing experience. I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. It really widens your perceptions of world cultures, builds confidence, teaches you, makes you grow and so much more.”
Michael Readel