Faculty & Staff Study Abroad Resources

Faculty encouragement and support is vital as we encourage our students to expand their horizons and plan carefully. The resources below are to help you make study abroad a reality for your students.

Thank you for your interest in conducting a short-term faculty-led course. The process is challenging and rewarding. You should start planning 18 months prior to departure (minimum). Faculty propose their courses one calendar year prior to them being offered (propose this spring for courses being offered the following winter/spring break or summer). Follow these steps and utilize the attached resources to prepare your course.

  1. Step One: Read through the Short-term Faculty-led handbook and the MSUM Short-term Faculty-led course policy. Additional relevant policies include:
  2. Step Two: Fall semester: Meet with the Director of Center for Global Engagement to review the necessary steps and requirements, even if you have led such a course previously. The Center for Global Engagement will host information and training sessions, as well as invite external providers to campus who can provide logistic support to faculty leading such courses. The Director can also provide you with the names of faculty who have led such courses in the past.
  3. Step Three: Spring semester: Prepare your application, including departmental approval which much be noted in department meeting minutes. Final information sessions will be hosted each January, with applications being due mid-March. Applications will be reviewed by the Academic Affairs Council and faculty will be notified of decisions before the end of the semester.
    • Short-term faculty-led course proposal form
    • Faculty-led process due dates:
      • Program approval with minutes – due to dept chair by March 20, 2023
      • Dept Chair – due to Dean by April 3, 2023
      • Dean – due to be Global director by April 10, 2023
      • Global Director – due to AAC by April 24, 2023
      • Provost decision to faculty – due May 8, 2023
  4. Step Four: Fall semester: Faculty with approved courses start recruiting early in fall semester. Courses must have a minimum number of students in order to have final approval (usually 10 students per faculty member). Faculty leaders will attend training related to risk management and health and safety aspects of leading such courses.
  5. Step Five: Pre-departure workshops: Prior to departure faculty members conduct class sessions that include course content as well as required orientation components. Scheduling of these sessions varies according to when the course departs. Required orientation and health and safety components are available from the Director of Center for Global Engagement. All paperwork and insurance requirements must be met before departure. Complete the required Open Doors data query at one session and forward to the Center for Global Engagement.
  6. Step Six: Lead your course abroad with students
  7. Step Seven: Craft a successful re-entry for you and your students: Give students a deadline for the reflective and follow-up assignments for which they are responsible. Re-entry modules are available from the Office of Study Abroad relating to culture and career services should you desire them. Complete the required reporting paperwork and submit it to the Center for Global Engagement within one week of your return:
    • Minnesota required Legislative report
    • Clery reporting

Faculty from any department on campus can apply to lead Eurospring. Applications are currently closed. Faculty will be notified when the application process is open.