Elementary Education Learning Opportunities

MSUM is committed to providing you exceptional field experience beginning at the start of your education and continuing until graduating with your Elementary Inclusive Education degree. You’ll collaborate with local schools and faculty members in planning, implementing and assessing each experience. Plus, there are many opportunities for you to immerse yourself in your passion for teaching outside of the classroom.

Learning Communities at Minnesota State University Moorhead allow you to live and learn with peers pursuing similar degrees and with similar interests. The Education Learning Community is open to students pursuing a career within education and wanting to building relationships with their classmates outside of the classroom.

The Education Minnesota Student Program (EMSP) is a pre-professional organization for education majors, which offers learning opportunities and support for teachers in training. MSUM’s chapter focuses of professional development, community service and political action.

MSUM's Field Experience is committed to providing exceptional early and ongoing field experiences in education for teacher candidates. We collaborate with school partners in planning, implementing, and assessing each experience. Teacher candidates will have opportunities for a wide array of experiences by the time they have completed their education programs.

MSUM partners with the Red River Area Learning Center (ALC) to support the healthy growth and development of all students, especially those who are at-risk in the learning process. Red River ALC services are designed to:

  • Intervene with the youngest students, before the school failure cycle begins
  • Prevent students from dropping out of school
  • Allow students who have already dropped out a way to come back
  • Provide specialized options not typically available in traditional school settings

Student Council for Exceptional Children (SCEC) is the student chapter of the national Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) organization. By joining this organization, you’ll broaden your understanding and knowledge of special education and have the chance to work with children and adults with special needs. Group activities include:

  • Professional development meetings
  • Service projects
  • Minnesota CEC Conference

Student teaching abroad is paused for the 2024-2025 academic year.

If you love to travel and are open to unique experiences, student teaching abroad may be for you. MSUM students have completed their student teaching on several continents, including the countries of: Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Australia, Tanzania and South Korea. If you’re interested in the adventure of a lifetime, contact Lisa Staiger for more information.