Education Learning Community

You should live in this community if you are a declared Education major or if your career goal is to become a teacher. This community is located in East Snarr.

As a student majoring in an Education program, we encourage you to join this community to take classes and engage in experiences with others who share your passion for becoming an effective teacher. The community has been highly involved with faculty from the School of Teaching and Learning. Learning Community students benefit from an academic advising program in which students have the opportunity to learn more about how to best navigate their years as an education student. The Education community students are typically highly involved in community activities, have been engaged in programming designed to connect them with faculty, and have proven to be very active on campus.

Art Education majors should join the Art & Design Learning Community; Music Education majors should join the FAME Learning Community. Chemistry Education or Life Science Education should join the Science & Health Learning Community; and Math Education or Physics Education majors should join the STEM Learning Community.

Education Required Common Courses


  • FYE 101: First Year Experience (1 credit)
  • ED 294: Educational Psychology (3 credits)
  • SOC 110: Introduction to Sociology (3 credits)


  • ED 205: Introduction to Education (3 credits)

As a member of the Education Learning Community, you will...

  • live with other students who have declared Education majors.
  • take two classes with students who live on your floor.
  • be able to participate in organized study groups for Learning Community participants.
  • have an upperclass Education student as a Learning Community Mentor who dedicated to providing you with various opportunities and support.
  • be exposed to career options that you will have with an Education degree.
  • interact with faculty members from the School of Teaching and Learning who are dedicated to helping you achieve excellence in the classroom and beyond.