What is 18 Online?

Teachers instructing concurrent enrollment (dual credit) courses are now required by the Higher Learning Commission, the accrediting body for post-secondary educational institutions, to have a master’s degree in the subject matter they are teaching, or to have a master’s degree and 18 graduate credits in the subject matter they are teaching. This important change will ensure teachers are adequately qualified to teach college courses taught in the high schools.

18 Online provides the 18 graduate credits you’ll need to become a qualified content area concurrent enrollment instructor. It’s the result of Minnesota House of Representatives bill H.F. 3326 and Senate bill S.F. No. 3062, which appropriated $3 million to provide curriculum development for the Northwest Regional Partnership continuing education program. It’s a collaborative effort between Lake Country Service Cooperative, Northwest Service Cooperative and Minnesota State University Moorhead.

The 18 online program gave me the opportunity to climb the salary schedule and pursue an additional degree all for free.

Joe Conrad, English/Language Arts Teacher

Am I eligible for free tuition?

Eligible Minnesota teachers, through MSU Moorhead only, can receive free 18 Online graduate credits. This offer has been extended to Spring 2024, Summer 2024, Fall 2024, and Spring 2025. The tuition free offer includes student fees, but does not include books. Please follow the admission and application instructions for the 18 Online Program.

If you have questions regarding 18 Online courses, please contact MSUM Graduate Studies or if you have preapproval or eligibility questions contact Lakes Country Service Cooperative (LCSC).