School of Teaching & Learning Educator Preparation

As part of our continuous improvement and quality assurance system at Minnesota State University Moorhead, we regularly collect and analyze data from four NExT Common Metrics survey instruments: Entry Survey, Exit Survey, Transition to Teaching Survey, and Supervisor Survey. These surveys help us make decisions regarding areas of strength and areas for potential improvement across our preparation programs. Further information on the NExT Comment Metrics surveys.

As part of our accreditation from CAEP, we publish information and statistics about students in our licensure programs related to satisfaction of employers and completers, graduation rates, and student loan default rates, along with perceptions of general teaching effectiveness is provided along with information related to completer’s performance on required licensure examinations. At Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) we offer licensures at the graduate and undergraduate level. The data represents responses from graduate and undergraduate programs.

Teacher Education Summary Data (CAEP Accountability Measures)

National Teacher Preparation Data Title II Reports

Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board Reports